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The site address is 3generations.eu, but the subtitle I give it is entitled Perspectives. We often want to have objective truth, to know the facts, but more often than not we discover perspectives, and they are not always accurate ones at that. However, if we hold to them in humility, they can prove to be valid perspectives.

Although I am the main contributor to this site, I do have some people who regularly make a guest contribution, and the aspect of considering how to impact the gates of society is, in particular, an area where I am looking for contributors. The Christian faith makes an impact personally – we are called to follow Jesus personally, but that faith has public implications. The Gospel is ‘good news’, precisely because Caesar is not lord, nor any would-be dominating Caesar. The title Lord is given to Jesus because of how he lived. He was not humble and obedient to death so that now he can be dominant. He is still the servant for all. His discipleship calls us to engage with our society, and how we engage with the catalytic area of the gates is very important.

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Perspectives are shaped by our history and culture, but hopefully reshaped through the experiences of life as we respond to the living God. I host the blogs here to update people at a number of levels:

  • what I consider might be prophetic insights
  • some theological musings
  • personal updates as to what I am working on
  • book reviews
  • other random discussions
  • and gladly I have a few others who blog on this site too
  • please feel free to comment, and if you wonder how to get your ‘avatar’ to appear next to your comments go to gravatar.com and set your own image there

Some of the blogs have been translated into other languages and I hope this is a trend that can continue. In the meantime google translate can go a little way to help.
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My interests are varied…3generations:
My interests are varied…:3generations

  • How can we see a non-hierarchcal manifestation of three generations of people working and relating together. The maturity expected of each generation is relative – and sometimes the maturity of a younger generation is greater (relatively). This is still an ongoing challenge.
  • I am committed to fresh expressions of Christian community, so you will find various discussions about emerging shapes. And because emerging is a description of a process I will also write about transitions.
  • Prophecy has helped shape my life so there are also comments (and revelations?) that I wish to be weighed as one weighs prophecy.

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My context is that of .eu:
My context is that of .eu:

I aspire to be first a follower of Jesus, and so all his followers are my family through redemption; all of humanity regardless of race, colour of skin or faith are my relatives through creation. This call is one I do not always live up to.

I am secondly a European – this is my context. I wish to see this wonderful continent and the islands that belong to this geographical identity impacted for Jesus. (I also wish to participate in healing wherever those from this continent have imposed any level of colonial rule.)

The above convictions has led me to relocate to the island of Mallorca. From my Scottish upbringing I have lived the major part of my life in England, but now must move on.
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So why ’3generations’?
So why ’3generations’?

In May 1991, I gave a message that the call of God was to lead us toward the day when there would be 3 generations working together. God being the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I now see this in a non-hierarchical way (not grandparents, parents and children – but three generations of parents rising up).

The season we are in is the time when I consider that we have to press in for this. Why ‘.eu’? In the UK we are not very good Europeans. But this is the continent that we are part of, and the continent where we must see the shift take place of generations working together for a future. I hope you will find material on these pages that will encourage you in your journey. We have many challenges ahead but this is going to be our best day if we walk humbly and persistently.

Formerly… and for many years I had a web site wild-fire.co.uk: I named it that after receiving a vision in 1998 about fire breaking out in Wales. ( Click here for prophetic word. ) There is now tangible evidence that the wild-fire is in the land. Check out:

The New Ecstatics & Company of Burning Hearts.

Not that they have an exclusive on wild-fire but what is being released is genuine.

It is therefore time to move on…. Now is the time for 3generations.eu

For some audio comments on 3generations and wild-fire revelations:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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A little information about me...
A little information about me...

I was born in the Orkney Islands in Scotland in 1955 (below are links to my family line. My mother’s maiden name was ‘Eunson’, indicating some Norwegian / Scandinavian background).

I was the sixth child of eight. At age 18 I left to study theology at London Bible College (now London school of Theology). I graduated in 1976 with an honours degree in theology, and also left engaged to Sue Middlemiss with whom I had 27 years of marriage. We moved to Cobham, Surrey to participate in a reasonably new expression of church there. Ben and Judith were born in 1981 and 1984 respectively. In Feb, 2005, Sue passed away, and I continued to live in that area in Leatherhead, until the end of 2008. I still journey with many of those same believers, and have friends in many places in the world.

In August 2008 I proposed to Gayle (Crawford), and we were married at the end of November 2008. I had known Gayle for some 10 years, but for the previous 4 years she had been living in Inverness. We found our paths converging and a wonderful relationship has developed. On January 1st, 2009 we relocated to Palma de Mallorca, then 3 years later we have moved to Cádiz in South West Spain.

Some of the core influences on my thinking has been:

  • A major charismatic experience that left me knowing that God was real and that his gifts are for today
  • A belief in the miraculous. The Lord is a healer. This theology needs to be nuanced, and there is much more to an understanding of theology than merely quoting Scriptures, and I am very aware of texts that many quote were in the context of a corporate setting
  • An impact by Anabaptism and its call for radical discipleship, non-violent resistance, and in particular a Christo-centric interpretation of Scripture
  • A belief in spiritual warfare – but in a rounded way, that acknowledges the powers in the heavens, but one that calls as well for an engagement with the corresponding earthly powers. So into this I tend to read, for example, the book of Revelation, in a more political slant than as a foretelling of a future timetable
  • The writings and approach of N.T. (Tom) Wright have been incredibly influential
  • Finally, in this short and not exhaustive list, I would not be able to leave out the influence of the Celtic tradition of Christianity

My main work between 1998 and 2008 has involved Sowing seeds for revival ( Click here for some material on sowing seeds for revival. ), and to a lesser extent Company of prophetic people ( Click here for some material on company of prophetic people. ) My overall desire is to see a generation rise up who know the Lord and are strong in him. The need to be involved in supporting a rising generation is therefore very necessary.
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For a little background to my family lines try here:
For a little background to my family lines try here:

Scott family line:
In the beginning, or perhaps more accurately around 1730 or so, a Simon Scott was born. This Simon was a farm manager of Trenabie, Westray, Orkney Islands, Scotland. He married Jean Seatter and together they had 10 children.

(2) Thus it was that Simon begat John, the fifth child of this marriage, born on the ninth day of August 1767. John was married to Janet Rendall and together they had 4 children. James Scott, being their third child, was born on 17th March, 1804.

(3) To Elizabeth Marwick James was wed on 17th December 1842 and to them a total of 7 children were born, the third being given the name John. Born on 5th November, 1858 he married Joan Mowat on 17th April, 1873 and between them 6 children they produced, the second known being known as Thomas.

(4) Thomas was born on 11th September 1876 and married Ann Rendall. Their first child of three was born John Adams Scott on 27th January 1911.

(5) And verily, it was this John who married Catherine Eunson and in due course from their marriage was produced 8 children, one daughter and 7 sons.

(6) The sixth of these eight children was given the names James Martin. So it was that he was born at Howe Farm, Harray, Orkney on 10th August 1955, and thus began the life of the author of these pages.

(7) This was the Martin that married Susan Middlemiss on 21st May 1977. Through their mutual cooperation two children were born, Benjamin and Judith.

(8) Ben then subsequently married Lauren Ashley Beck, and before long another generation began through the birth of Luke, Ashton and Ella.

(9) Meanwhile at this present time Martin was joined in holy matrimony to Gayle Crawford on November 30, 2008, relocating to the island of Mallorca.

(10)Thus endeth the reading of the father’s line.

Eunson family line:

A long time ago, in Orkney on an island known as Westray a Thomas Sandison and his wife Jane Logie had children one of whom was Christina. She was born in the year 1801 and was alive until 1886. Christina in turn married a man by the last name of Eunson, and thus it was that many were to be born with the surname of Eunson.

(2) From the marriage of Christina three children were produced – John, George and Robert. This third child, Robert (born in 1834 and alive upon planet earth until 16th June 1906) was to become husband to Ann Logie (also born in 1834 and alive until 20th September 1906) and between them were to produce eleven children.

(3) The seventh child of this marriage was given the name of George Eunson. George was born in 1864 and lived until 16th March 1947. Margaret Rendall, being the wife of George, was the mother of five children, she herself being born in 1867 and living until 29th February 1944.

(4) The one born first to this couple was given the name Robert, being born in the ninth month of 1887. And this Robert did take unto himself the woman known as Isabella Drever as his lawful wedded wife and from this marriage thirteen children did appear. Robert did live until 25th February 1974 and Isabella until 15th November 1965.

(5) Catherine, born on March 3rd, 1920, was the eight child that was born to them and in turn she was married to John Adams Scott.

(6) And thus it is that we move from bygone centuries, for it was this Catherine who was the mother of, James Martin born on an August day in 1955. Thus life began for the one known as Martin at Howe Farm, Harray, Orkney.

(7) In due course Martin, the sixth child of John and Catherine, was to marry Susan Middlemiss, the second child of Robert and Doris Middlemiss, on 21st May 1977.

(8) Martin and Sue were then to become the parents of two children, Benjamin and Judith.

(9) Thus endeth the reading of the mother’s line.
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