Transitions: personal transition

I am going to post a few thoughts over the next few days about transition. I am interested in this for a number of reasons:

  1. Transition is very key as we can often miss our way at that time.
  2. We are in a season of finding new fields / being more strongly established in a current one.
  3. There are gates that are becoming a focus. Many will be transitioned to embrace one or more.
  4. We are now 14 years on from Toronto!!! Trust the presence of the Spirit of God is still fresh for you?
  5. There are personal reasons too. 10 years ago I made a transition when the Lord said: “what you are doing at the beginning of 98 you will not be doing by the end of 98.” I have been strongly exercised to look at the next few years aware that any shifts that will come need to be prepared for now. So in 3 years time (?) perhaps I will only be doing 10% that correlates to what I am doing now. Don’t hold me to that!!

I expect to comment on: understanding personal transition; understanding personal time-lines; and on organisational transition.

First then a few comments on personal transition and I will expand on this tomorrow:

Transition comes:

  • before I am ready for it
  • it comes sooner than I expected it
  • it comes before I have finished everything I had anticipated completing
  • the larger transitions are marked by a measure of crisis
  • there will be an element of grief and it is important to let that work its cleansing power
  • how one leaves the last setting will be a key as to how one enters the next one.


5 thoughts on “Transitions: personal transition

  1. It was funny reading about the characteristics of transition and it echoes much of what Ian and I are going through.
    Our transition was unexpected but only sooner than expected because we thought we would be in the States for another year, but then again we have been moving towards basing ourselves in Latvia for the last 6 years.
    I certainly remember telling God I hadn’t finished some things I was working through in the church we were in in the States when he told us it was time to go. It makes me laugh to think I could say such a thing to God.
    It is a large transition we are going through – moving country with no job seems fairly major but up till now relatively crisis free, in fact there has been a large measure of blessing in it.
    I know that at some point grief will hit me but realised that moving always produces grief no matter how brilliant the move is, but it is the a phase we all go through as things change and is part of the adjustment to the new.
    I also believe in leaving a place well – this is our third international move – and have always tried to leave well, sometimes easier said than done.

  2. Thanks for the comments… you and Ian have always transitioned well. Hope Latvia really works for you. As I continue these blogs some other aspects might well also connect for you.

  3. This is probably more on organisational transition but there are massive changes in Scottish education just now. In the school I’m in we just got a new head and there are more staff changes due. We are transitioning to a new curriculum. My brief as principal teacher is “transitions” and also I’ve just been given a booklet to read: “Leadership in a time of transition”.

    It’s mad and messy but the possibilities are awesome!

  4. These last few years have been constant transition and trying to leave one setting into another in a healthy way has been a challenge. I have found your words on transition always timely and Anne and I are probably in another one! I used to love knowing everything is planned and what was next, but I’m finding that ditching my controlled busy lifestyle into an acceptance of what is coming has been exhilarating while extremely scarey….so we will embrace it and see what happens next! We will look forward to the entries

  5. Hello Martin

    This is a very timely word for me and my wife ,thank youLord.

    A year ago the Lord told me to sell just about everything I owned including business,possesions,car,and to move out of apartment etc and to trust that he would direct us,while it was exiting at first the feelings of insecurity were allways trying to attack us, it showed us were my faith was at that time.

    The Lord took us to California, South Carolina ,Latvia,Spain ,then back to Latvia then spain for somtimes months at a time often with little or no money, then The Lord directed us to Go to India wich we have just returned from were I was able to pray for people and preach in remote churches.
    so far we have been travelling for 14 months non stop I sometimes wake up not knowing what country I am in!
    Now would God have forced me to leave my comfort zones no!
    was it allways easy to believe God no! I very often had no Idea from Day to Day what to Do; but the Lord is Faithful to direct our steps.
    We are at this moment Going through another transition possibly moving to California in the next 8 weeks. This Is not what I or my wife expected! but It seems that God is streching our Faith again.You would think we would be used to it by now! God seems to enjoy making us uncomfortable!! or at least our flesh!

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