Europe’s opportunity

Yanis Varoufakis writing at makes some insightful points and worth a ponder. He suggests:

The duty of progressive Europeans is to reject both: the deep establishment at the EU level and the competing nationalisms ravaging solidarity and common sense in member states like Spain.

The Catalonia crisis is a strong hint from history that Europe needs to develop a new type of sovereignty, one that strengthens cities and regions, dissolves national particularism, and upholds democratic norms.

in the article he also highlights the approach of Ada Colau in Barcelona, who is pushing for a redemptive way through the current lock up. As mayoress of Barcelona her administration had created excellent housing for 15,000 refugees only to find that central government barred entry to the refugees. It is always amazing what is termed illegal by those in control (referendum = illegal; banning refugees that Spain was mandated to accommodate by the EU is not illegal?).

It is naive to think that anyone – Colau or whoever, or proposals of a new approach – by Varoufakis or whoever, will produce heaven on earth – as if!! But when we understand that the body of Christ is to open space so that it can be occupied by those who will create shapes for convivencia there are exciting possibilities that open up. This I believe is one of the central thrusts for this time, and is part of the recovery of the radical social outworking to the Pauline gospel.


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  1. Excellent quotes. People have long talked about the death of the nation-state as an outcome of globalization. I think what we did not realize was the re-emergence of the city and/or region as a driver of economics, social policy and adaptation to climate change. We will have to move on from the nation-state construct – just have to do that with as little disruption and conflict as possible. The same will hold true here in North America as well.

    1. There is the end of an era all around us that we are witnessing and the challenge of the emergence of the city / region will be the potential rivalries that could open up, and from a land perspective maybe sitting on old regional divides. But the opportunities that can open could be very redemptive and empowering indeed.

    2. We are certainly seeing the diminution of the nation state as a result of globalisation and the fragmentation of the nations is probably a natural consequence as they weaken. But I’m not so sure we’ll see the emergence of the city in any meaningful way.

      My reading of the globalisation theme is a shift of power from the national to the corporate entity as governments compete with one another for their share of these corporate profits (tax revenue) and so reduce the total amount of protection money (tax revenue) that is required to provide a domicile.

      What we are seeing is a transfer of power from the physical to the intangible corporate entity that has no tie to place.

      The whole idea of praying into ‘the land’ might need to be rethought Martin as power shifts up into the cloud



      1. Hi Nigel thanks for the insight. Maybe we will see a shift that is twofold? City /region away from nation state, and the landless corporate? Catalonia has lost already a number of (smaller) corporates. They are neither subject in reality to Spain nor Catalonia. Maybe raises a challenge of revaluation. This has been a prayer we have carried in our journey. Maybe the cost is loss of revenue, the gain could be a simpler life with value moving toward community and health??

        Tracking with all this and not being overwhelmed is a major challenge.

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