There are many wonderful resources on the internet and I hope you find some here that will benefit you too. They come in a variety of forms:

E-books: here is a collection of chapters and papers in ebook form that you can download.

Papers: a set of papers that have been written on various subjects over a period of time, some have been given publicly.

Eschatology notes: these are a set of stand-alone notes but also have podcasts that run alongside these.

Articles: some written by others. Check out, for example, the set on emerging church.

Gates of Society: this will take you to a separate section of the site where there are articles and discussion on ‘the gates of society’. This is a growing resource and is not completed as yet. The ‘gates’ I also consider as a third aspect to the work of transformation within society. The first two aspects can be considered the strategic prayer to shift the ongoing effects of history, and an understanding of being the body of Christ within the ‘city’ that stewards the gift of the land. There are two e-books on this, and there is an article on Spiritual Mapping that can also be referred to.