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Shots from around the world..

Roots revealed

Many glens in the Scottish highlands have have been made into lochs with hydro power systems.
This tree root shape is a familiar sight along the lochside when water levels are low.

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To look at!

God made all kinds of trees grow from the ground, trees beautiful to look at and good to eat!
Gen 2:9 The Message

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Big White Mountain

Sept to Nov 09 017

Big white mountain. Glen Cannich, Highland.

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White Waterfall

canada07 152

I love the contrast of the white water with all the colour around.  This was taken somewhere in a gorgeous forest somewhere in British Colombia, Canada. The Helmcken Falls.

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In the beginning


…God called the expanse “sky”.

Genesis 1

Not a bad day’s work.

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The island of Arran is 12 miles accross  the water from West Kilbride in Scotland, where I grew up. I used to dream about exploring the island while looking out from my bedroom window as a child, longing to go there, and in my teens we camped there most summers.

I find Arran such an inspiring island. It kindles in me an energy for adventure. I’ve had such fun there over the years, walking in the hills, cycling round it and recently kayaking round it.

The sky above is often beautiful and this photo was taken recently –  a lovely October evening..

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Feel it in your feet


The patterns of ripples in the sand seem so familiar;  yet they are always different.  I just loved the way the tops were catching the sunlight.

At the top of this photo, the ripples merge and this speaks to me of relationships where two lives weave together.

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