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Close-up hope; God will do it again!

Many moons ago Patrick walked, lived and loved among the Irish; after suffering abuse, having been captured and sold into Ireland, God called this courageous Englishman back around the year 500 AD. A broken man to love a proud people torn by strife and war (a lot of it among each other). The power of love broke all other power and great mulitudes came into Kingdom living!!

Can we see another day coming, like Patrick saw it and others like Colmcille, like Aidan, like Brendan? Saints, who laid down their lives…with a vision worth living, dying for?

This is a close up of a monument to commemorate Patrick of Ireland, erected in Westport. Ireland.

Timely words to stir us to believe God, as Patrick did…

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La Torre di Religion


It’s funny how God makes things curly and we make things straight and how one of our favourite sites in Europe is something made straight that went curly.

One million visitors each year take a little delight in something that just won’t conform.   It continues to lean a little bit more each day.

“The Leaning Tower’s ornate and unique exterior balconies were built to enable local dignitaries to be seen by the populace during religious processions in the Middle Ages..”

Well that does make me laugh..

“Begun more than 800 years ago, it developed a tilt almost from the start because it was built on sandy foundations.”

Ah yip. You’ve got to wonder how many other towers built for religious show are leaning and have been leaning for some time now.

It cost the Italian government $25, 000 000 to straighten it up a bit in the 1990′s and they hope it’ll last another 200 years.

Some days I wonder what it’s costing to maintain our religious towers and just how long will they last?

But anyway maybe it’s better to concentrate on growing within a living structure, like this 2000 year old olive tree. Gnarled and knotted, fire, drought and disease resistant, capable of regenerating even when cut down.


I like curly things.

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