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Martin and I were married in November 2008 and moved to Palma a month later. Currently we are both studying Spanish like mad. We have made a few friends, have great neighbours and are beginning to understand the culture and history of the island.

Martin is designing websites and has done a few for businesses in Mallorca. I have done a little teaching and am hoping more will open up and I am trying to design a postcard set that is a little alternative and will promote local business.

We are still travelling around but are truely more than based here, Mallorca is home for the forseable.

We want to see the miraculous here and are praying that we will be effective here!

Mallorca is a part of the Balearic Islands, a group of islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The other main ones are Menorca, Ibiza and Formentora. We moved to Mallorca at the beginning of 2009 to help support a couple Kyle and Rachel Oliver. They moved here a few months earlier than us and as a result of a particular dream where God spoke “Don’t forget the forgotten isles”..

Hannah Poole also moved here with them and she is fluent in Spanish. She helps us all a lot!

Mallorca is a beautiful island and well connected throughout Europe as it is such a popular holiday destination. Tourism is the main income here and the island is suffering in the present financial circumstances. Unemployment is very high.

We are all living in Palma, the main city of 400 000 people.

Photos from the island of Mallorca

Ibizan sunset

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After the storm

I took these photos from my apartment in Palma.

The rain may come, but the sun is never far away!

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Sun, moon, tree

Early morning Palma..

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Arbol de Paz 2

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Arbol de Paz

Here in the Mediterranean, when it starts to heat up it’s important to seek shelter and shade for a while.
(From ‘La Vida Mallorquina’)

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One of Mallorca’s favourite delicacies, snails, normally accompanied by bread and bucket loads of garlic mayonnaise, ailloli.

This week I heard a Grandma singing a rhyme to her granddaughter about a snail:

“Caracol, caracol, saca tus piernas al sol!” Snail, snail, get your legs in the sun!

Viva el caracol Mallorquin

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Barca amarilla


This was one of my favourite beach days of 2009, the sun was so bright, the Mediterranean Sea so blue, and the perfect backdrop for this incredible yellow boat!

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