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Our story

A lot of people ask so here is a short version of how we got together..


2004-2008:  I was happily working in Scotland, concentrating hard on my job (primary school teacher and in management as principal teacher) when one day or rather one night I have a dream where Martin is chatting with me…then soon after that another dream where we are driving… then another and another; always we know eachother very very well and this is not the case in reality…

So I wondered what was up because in fact I had hardly seen Martin in 4 or 5 years and did not even know where he was in the world..

Meanwhile Martin was asked by a couple in America how they should pray for him regarding being single or getting remarried.  He was happy single but agreed that they  pray he find someone..

It came about that he was doing a prayer team near my dad’s house so off I went (to pray of course.. and to investigate..)


After that I met him again a couple of weeks later and then we started emailing and then some more… then we met up… and there was some more emailing and finally he wrote me with an idea that maybe there was something in all this…


So I flew south and we had a long date. After that day I resigned from my job At the end of the school year  I drove south from Inverness saying goodbye to job and friends.

Martin visited Mallorca in July 08 for the first time (he had already committed to move there) and we visited there in September to scout it out some more.


At the end of November we got married and on the 1st Jan 09 we moved to Palma de Mallorca.  We live in a small apartment in Santa Catalina.

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