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Another Twisty Tree


What a messy way to grow.  Beautiful.

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A Constant Flow


Recently, I was at a 5-day Catch The Fire Conference in Glasgow where my heavenly Father imparted shafts of revelation of his love deep into my heart and I travelled home to the Black Isle with a new song in my heart.

As I got out my car I felt unwell. That was me in bed for the next week with flu. I don’t remember feeling so unwell as last week. My focus completely shifted from the conference as I slept most of the week. I seemed to be waiting forever to feel physically better yet I had a deep inner rest and communion with the Father going on all week. God was so close and ministering deeply to my spirit even although I felt rough.

After 5 days, I found the energy to go for a drive and went along by the Conon River. It was a very cold November day and there was very little colour and no contrasting light but the strength of flow in the river caught my attention as it flows through the valley regardless of the weather above.

God seemed to be in the power of the river, saying to me ‘even when things don’t seem the best way up, and life is not  ’a high’, My love and presence are constantly flowing towards you and to those who are hungry.’

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Sea Creature, Talisker Bay

sea creature, Talisker bay

I am not sure what the creature is. Some friends and a local librarian thought it was a sea-slug, but I think it is more in the jelly-fish class. It had attached itself to a rock and there were others floating in rock-pools.  When they’re floating they are inverted, with little stubby tentacles round the perimeter. The transparent membrane attaching it to the rock becomes a sail.


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In the beginning


…God called the expanse “sky”.

Genesis 1

Not a bad day’s work.

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DSC00481So apples, bananas, oranges,…… jaca?!

This is a fruit brazilians speak about with a cheeky glint in their eyes – especially to unsuspecting visitor “Have you tried jaca?”  They ask and then there is laughter…..

It was a fierce battle but Rubemar conquered this one. I won’t tell you what it tastes like but if you ever visit Brazil make sure you too get initiated. Then you can ask the question “Have you tried jaca?”

Então, maçãs, bananas, laranjas….. jaca?!

É uma fruta que os brasileiros falam com um brilho nos olhos - especialmente para visitantes desavisados “Você já provou jaca?” Eles perguntam e logo depois vem a gargalhada….

Foi uma batalha feroz, mas o Rubemar venceu esta batalha. Eu não direi qual é o sabor, mas se um dia você visitar o Brasil garanta que você seja iniciado. Então você poderá fazer a pergunta “Você já provou jaca?”

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A Water Man


Clouds gather in Joao Neiva; rains come; water collects in streams; flows into a river and, after it tumbles down a waterfall, it is channelled to this man Ricardo Negri Feliciano. He is the Operador da Estacao at this water plant.  He is good at his job, an honest man with a clean heart.  He and others ensure that this town and two others always have clean water.

As nuvens se juntam; vem a chuva; a água se torna riacho; flui em um rio e, após cair por uma cachoeira, é canalizada até esse homem, Ricardo Negri Feliciano. Ele é o operador da Estação. É bom em seu trabalho e um homem honesto com um coração puro. Ele e outros garantiram que essa e mais duas cidades sempre são abastecidas com água limpa.

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Smiling in Rio


Here is an awesome family we stayed with in Rio. Fabio, Luciana, Vitor and Rebekah Souza. They are drawing in the future.  In the area where they live they have seen drugs decrease to such an extent that they are now looking for where to live next -knowing the presence of God with them will have an effect on society.

Aqui há uma familia extraórdinaria com quem alojámos em Rio de Janeiro. Fabio, Luciana, Vitor and Rebekah Souza. Eles estão atraindo a presença de Deus. Na zona onde vivem tinham visto uma redução tão grande do abuso de drogas que agora estão procurando o próximo lugar em que morar, sabendo que a presença de Deus que está com eles, fará efecto na sociedade.

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