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This stone bench is across the road from our place. Always it makes me wonder who wrote the graffiti on it and why because never ever ever have I seen in skinhead here in Mallorca!

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Meditation on a motorbike


Ah this photo always makes me smile.  Fancy it?

I admit it. I get bored easily.  Talk of taking a seat, resting and being still sounds great (I nod with approval): reflecting on life, listening to God, quietening the soul, me-di-ta-ting…. but to be honest it is not something I can say I actually often do…!

I never got meditiations or “soaking rooms” – I have tried! However this, this IS a seat I could happily stay on for a while!

And maybe, just sometimes, taking a seat is not a slow quiet experience….

maybe it’s loud and a little wild and -here’s a thought- maybe it could even get you somewhere a lot faster than you thought.

Enough meditating for one day

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I love this sit. From the other side you get a good view of the sea or it could be a loch. But only from the water can you see the not-so-straight seat hanging there!

Hidden between trees, blending very well!

We had to walk out of the normal path to get there and it was amazing!

Everywhere else had been very cool because of the trees but there the sun was warm on our skin and it was so quiet!

Definitely a little hidden gem!

For me it parallels so many people’s journeys going out of the normal path to find the hidden gems of life, to discover other ways, other paths, and so many other treasures!

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Sit a while

Sit a while

There are definite times when we need simple instruction.

Sit a while! Rest a while!

Sometimes like in the photo we don’t need to be reminded about

sitting, resting, being refreshed or simply enjoying things,

because the view, the warmth, the scenery stop us in our tracks and we sit and listen, taken in by the beauty.

Other times we need big neon signs, with flashing lights to remind us to rest and enjoy life … simply, with no fuss, no busyness, just to be for that moment on a bench somewhere, watching, taking things in and being refreshed. Sit a while wherever you are and be refreshed!

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Waiting for you

DSC_0160b (1)

The chair is there, waiting for you.  Who is on the other side of the table?  It might be fun.  It might be scarey, but it is all part of the journey.

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Puig Randa

Nov 09 078

This is a photo of my husband admiring the spectacular view of the bay of Palma from the monastery at the top of Mount Randa. It’s a great place to sit, a great place to enjoy the Mallorquin speciality Pa amb oli (bread rubbed with olive oil and tomato), and a great place to put life into perspective.
One person that found inspiration at the top of Puig Randa was the famous Mallorquin Ramon Llull (1232-1315). He devoted himself to prayer and the study of languages. He wrote the first ever piece of Catalan literature and spent nine years learning Arabic convert the Muslims to Christianity in their native language. He started a monastery in the Mallorcan Tramuntana mountains where 13 monks could learn Arabic and be sent out as missionaries.


My husband and I often go to Randa. Given its history, maybe there is something that connects with us, maybe the gift of languages might rub off on us? Whatever the reason, at the top of Randa you can almost see the whole of the island….and you begin to feel that anything is possible!

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Time to move on!


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