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The end

Always makes me feel a little sad to see a cut down tree!
Sometimes something goes to make space for other things to grow…

For September PORTRAITS

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With new eyes

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One evening

Looking onto the City, through the Tree.

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An oak

I had forgotten about this tree but this is a photo of a piece of artwork I did years ago to remind me of something God had said to me.

I was feeling very small and insignificant one day as I took two small children to the park, life does not value young stay at home mothers very often. I felt God told me to look up and in so doing was partly blinded by the light shining through the tree on what had been a rather cold miserable day. God asked me what tree it was and I replied “An Oak”. “You are an oak” said God, reminding me that I was the member of a church called The Oaks. “Oaks are large trees which cast long shadows, some people will walk across the shadow and feel its effects but never see the tree, some will see the tree and some will see the sun (son) shining through the tree. You are like that Oak!”

No matter how small we feel, we are not small in God’s eyes and he has a purpose and a plan for each and everyone of us was the lesson I learnt that day.

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Skeleton tree

Even through its really very dead……it still looks like a tree. Looks can be very misleading sometimes !

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Roots revealed

Many glens in the Scottish highlands have have been made into lochs with hydro power systems.
This tree root shape is a familiar sight along the lochside when water levels are low.

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Sun, moon, tree

Early morning Palma..

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