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To the deep too

Deep calls to deep.


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The 100 Million Steps…

600 million years ago – Scotland is near the South Pole
500 million years ago – Scotland is part of North America
400 million years ago – Scotland is joined to England
300 million years ago – Scotland is near the Equator
200 million years ago – Dinosaurs rule Scotland
100 million years ago -Scotland is under a shallow sea

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To the DEEP

I dug this one out from West Wales, UK steps down to St Govans Chapel…


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Knockan Crag National Nature Reserve

“Global processes have been at work to create the unique rock formations and spectacular landscapes at this historic site”

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How else can you transport ladders!?

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Intimate steps

This is a patio in Palma. They used to be public places for meetings and discussions and so on. There was an unspoken rule though: that the stairs were never to be touched and only used by the family or an invited guest.

Love that God just invites us right in!

But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love,
will enter your house.
Psalm 5:7

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