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Rustic Boat

We had a couple of days in Ibiza with some new friends this weekend. Such a good time with them. Ibiza, suprisingly for us, felt very different from Mallorca. A lot quieter out of season for one thing. We stayed in San Antoni and walked this bay a good few times. A few boats wash up on shore every end of season, owners who can’t afford to mend them often just ‘let them go’ apparently.
I loved this boat, already rusted up. Played around with some lighting and blurring and am happy with the result!
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Damaris & Lorna

Been learning about portraits lately, techniques and lighting and so on..
Two beautiful ladies.

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Wine Bottle Box

I painted with oils this boat that was sailing away from a very cool place called LUND way way way up north on the west coast of Canada where Highway 101 either begins or ends depending on your point of view. It’s possible to follow the 101 all the way down through the US and way on into Chile.

Found the wine bottle box in an attic.

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Old Man of Hoy

Well I’m trying out different styles…slight issue with the acrylic paints as it is too hot here (sorry you people in England, VERY sorry Scottish bods) and the paint just dried in secs. Not so happy with this one but it’s small and I’ll paint over it!

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Playing with portraits


Well these are my first attempts at a style of portrait…
I bought a couple of palette knives the other day and really like using them.  I have painted several canvases over and over again just with one colour enjoying myself.  Tried a few different things and all looked pretty crappy… HOWEVER it is possible to cover it all up and start again!

So this is new for me and generally I’m trying not to be too worried about how a picture turns out and instead have a bit of fun!

(Hover the mouse over the portraits to see the originals)

Martin’s portrait was much harder and is not as effective as the other, partly because it’s more fiddley and I had to use a paintbrush and so the paint’s not as thick and there are little gaps.  Anyone know anything about these things? Tips?  Ah well.  Live and learn!

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First big ‘un

40X40cm of blank canvas is fun! So you live in Palma so you have to paint ‘La Catedral’ at some point -everyone does- it’s a rule.
I love cities and Palma is such a hotch-potch of different styles and ages of building.

(Hover the mouse over the image to see the original photo)

There is no real sense of planning here people just seem to build whatever next to whatever. The cathedral was built on the site of a mosque. It took 300 years to complete. There are stories of how Gaudi got fed up of the islanders complaining about his style and so he upped and left it to a couple of his students. It’s pretty impressive really even when you’re not into what it symbolises..

I think possibly the sky is just a bit too mental ;-)

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