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More small steps

Julia’s post reminded me of a journey I photographed of one little chap. He was determined that the deep snow was not going to stop him getting to the swings and waded through, thigh deep until he got there. He only stood on the swing for a little bit before making his way back. It was as if the accomplishment of getting there was enough!

And that was the final post on A to B journeys!! Thanks to everyone who sent something in and again welcome to the newbees on the site. This month is on architecture…have fun!

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Taking a break

Taken in the Thar Desert in India. It was blisteringly hot. The only shade to be found was from the shadow of another camel!

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Rush hour in Meknes

Taken early morning in Meknes, Morocco. The alleyway outside of the doorway was always busy with people/animals. Just managed to turn around in time to catch the guy rushing past the doorway.

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Ready for tomorrow

Taken on Derwentwater in the Lake District, painting with light.

Welcome to Andrea Harrison! This is the first in a series of three by Andrea, fantastic. She writes..

I’m a primary school teacher. Took up photography about 18 months ago. Love to travel, especially to see and experience new places and cultures. Really interested in photolournalism/photo-travel and trying to capture something about people and places and the interaction between the two.


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Getting there

Sometimes the journey consists of lots of small steps!

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Fresh bread

A happy little girl at the abandoned railway cars and tracks where she sleeps after receiving some fresh bread at our food distribution in Awiel near the border with Darfur in June. Living out love on our journey A2B looks like fresh bread for the hungry.
A big welcome to Michelle Perry! A lover and learner of God, a mama to 120 in Sudan, capturing the journey on the unpaved road in His heart. Amazing woman; take a look at her blog:

Michelle writes:

I was briefly a pro photographer in a past life time LOL. But it still comes in handy and I enjoy the artistry of it but could not stand the biz part. Too much pressure. Still do a bit of back end biz where people can order prints of photos and art and will be doing more of that, but NO more portraits or weddings gblurgh.

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“Looking Cool”

Skidoo trip – Largs Bay

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