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A Gift for us

Seen in barcelona , At Gaudis still unfinished Cathedral.
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Gift to another island

We recently spent time with a couple in Ibiza, Brian and Tracey who run 24-7.   The work they do is amazing. 

A beautiful gift to an island. 

From their website: 
“Our aim is to care for the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the people we meet in San Antonio. 
We work predominantly with workers offering our centre as a place to connect, chill, check emails, hang out, and have a place of prayer and spiritual reflection. 
We are also available to help holiday makers and anyone else who finds themselves in need of assistance. 5 nights a week we offer a rescue sevice that is manned by volounteers from all around the world. San Antonio is a great place to have fun on holiday, in fact we think it’s much safer than your average british town on a friday night! However like anywhere else where there are a lot of bars you do get a small minority who end up in a muddle, these are people we often find ourselves helping. 
This means we often end up cleaning someone who’s vomiting,helping vulnerable people – drunk, drugged, injured or alone – to a safe place, listening to someone’s story or frustrations of the day, celebrating good news and happy times with people, taking someone who’s been injured to the medical centre, sharing our faith and stories of God with those who are keen to hear seeking to bring calm to agitated people and stressful situations, Our aim is to bless the community that we are part of not sell them something. 
We particularly love the west end of San Antonio and most of the time you will find us there.” 

Above is a picture of a wall of prayers situated in a little room nearby the clubbing area.

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Apples in winter

A gift for the birds!

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A gift in Winter

Speaks to me of fruit in a winter season.
I like the snow caps suggesting a sense of covering and protection.

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