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The help me button

Been stuck in a lift? Our new sofa got stuck in this lift for quite some time.

The Ikea guys stuck it in there, the doors closed, the sofa shifted itself onto the -1 (locked basement) and down it went, the doors opened, the sofa slid half out and there it was, stuck.  The lift doors couldn’t shut for it to be called back up and we don’t have keys for the basement. 

Made a great impression on our new neighbours!  And the phrase we needed  was not to be found in a phrase book and as far as I recall we hadn’t covered this situation  in any language class:

Sorry to bother you, our new sofa is stuck in the lift which is stuck in the basement which is locked and we can’t get it out. Help?

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Look out!

look out mountain-1

Detours. Those times when you take a long way round. You don’t go the direct route. You take a little wander off the beaten track. Most of the time we don’t intend to take them. Sometimes we think ‘Wow I wonder what’s down that road?’ and we get a little adventurous and we do it intentionally.

Lookout Mountain.  What a name………must have a great view

Two friends and I took a deliberate detour in BC, Canada one day along a crazy looking windy road that looked like it’d just add 20 mins or so to our journey that day. Ignorance is bliss but doesn’t always last that long! We were soon a) lost b) on slippery gravel paths (I would hesistate to call them tracks even) and c) heading upwards at an extremely alarming angle.

So onwards we went.
(There is something about turning back that feels so wrong!) 

Finally after some nifty driving (if I say so myself) and far FAR more than 20mins, we hit the top and started heading steeply back down.  None of us remember the view, we were illogically holding on tight and faithfully praying the tyres would hold.  Finally as we arrived at the bottom we drove through someone’s farm.  Three men stood and literally stared at us with open mouths.  Obviously not a road many came along…

Oh and the blurred number 6 sign?  Our only hope along the way that we were actually going to get somewhere.  Little signs that popped up in descending order every now and then.  How we looked forward to reaching O.

Lookout Mountain..what a name..LOOK OUT! (seriously)

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Barca amarilla


This was one of my favourite beach days of 2009, the sun was so bright, the Mediterranean Sea so blue, and the perfect backdrop for this incredible yellow boat!

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Definitely yellow

yellow field

Just one more that I went looking for…

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The end of the road

David lost-1

Last year we were with David Mniki in South Africa. One day he took us off on a mystery tour to find some big rock of sorts to pray. HOWEVER (as you’d know if you’ve ever met David) most things with him go according to a different kind of plan…

 So we were lost for quite some time following various little tracks here and there until finally we came to a stop at which point Martin and I concluded (wrongly) that we’d got there.

We never found the big rock- a place of deep spiritual significance, however we did have quite an adventure. (The adventure starting at the point David insisted we get out of the car and carry on foot, through the ditch, onto the sand and onwards -despite not knowing where we were-  and just as the sun was beginning to set…!)

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So easy to pass by small gems of nature! This is lichen growing on a stone wall. I love all the different colours of lichen, all different.

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This  picture is a wonderful sight in Spring, after all the snow has gone and grass has shed its post winter tired look and gained some energy and then the dandelions burst forth bringing some welcome colour to the scene.

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