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Hung on a Tree (Chapter 7)

Chapter 7 is a short closing chapter and also a link to the next book. In this chapter I touch on two resonances within Scripture. I am not sure where I picked these up from as, over years one hears and reads all kinds of things and as a result fail to remember exactly where they came from. I either picked up the second one, or it was re-enforced in my memory, from a book by Stephen Hill on John's Gospel. It was the only book I was reading when the pandemic (COVID-19) began. John: A prophetic Revelation. I highly recommend it.

The first resonance is to ask which tree did Jesus die on, and of course we are not thinking literally, but symbolically. In the Garden eat of all the trees... except for one. I mentioned in the book the amazing generosity of God. All... except for one. And of we went, driven by consumerism, we just had to go for what was out of bounds. We had to grasp the equality with God option. Self made judgements... Jesus died to all that, he did not grasp equality, he did not make his own judgements but judged all things by God.

As human he died to that of self-judgements, that draws lines of who is in / who is out. It is the end of religion. Only God can make that judgement. He will hand that over to Jesus, who will judge the world. We only get sight of what is right and wrong by seeing Jesus. We have to be very tentative in the application of any law, any right / wrong assessment or division. The criterion is life not right / wrong. Jesus dies on the cross, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and opens up the tree of life, so that 'they may live for ever'.  Life being defined by what is given, what others experience. The eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil produces death - death less a punishment and more a consequence. 

The second resonance is of something coming forth from the side of Jesus just as it did from the side of Adam. From Adam came forth an Equal Partner to fulfil what God had commissioned. From the side of Jesus comes forth a partner... the second book I have entitled 'Significant Other'. Cannot really call the  church the equal partner, but as far as fulfilling the Commission she is to carry to fulfilment the task. Jesus began the task... and that aspect he rightly proclaimed 'It is finished'. The finished work of Christ, that we cannot add to. Yet there is also an unfinished work... OK volume 2 beckons!

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