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Welcome to the forum for the series of booklets on ‘Explorations in Theology’. I hope that between the books and the forum (and the Zoom calls) that we can explore in a safe place. Try this quote from Ilia Delio, a Franciscan Sister and American theologian at Villanova University:

Do we really think God will get angry if we think about God in radically new ways? If so, then we probably should not identify ourselves as Christian, for the person of Jesus Christ was a mutational figure who turned the Jewish God upside down and inside out.

This forum is:

  • Designed to supplement each of the booklets. There will be a short post on each chapter that could be beneficially read before reading the chapter, and certainly should be read before anyone participates in the 'zoom' meeting for that chapter.
  • The forum is open to all to read. Anyone can access it
  • Anyone who has participated in the 'zoom' groups can comment.
  • The only ‘rule’ is that we are courteous and respectful to one another. By all means put up an opposing perspective, realising that it is a perspective!
  • The right is reserved to delete any comment deemed not to be made in that spirit.
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