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Forum Subject: Atonement

Title: The Cross Revisited

An article that follows the discussion of the cross in the fourth volume partly centring on a look at the nature of sacrifice - NOT being essential for God to forgive.

Forum Subject: Scripture

Title: Reading Scripture - narratively and historically

Reading Scripture has to take into account the element that it is 'story' with a theological start and end. And also that it is written into (and commenting on) concrete historical situations.

Forum Subject: Redemption

Title: What about salvation?

The shifts I propose in the books takes us away from 'all sinned'; Jesus dies; repent and be saved... So what about salvation?

Forum Subject: New Testament world

Title: Pharisees, Sadducees, and others

We encounter Pharisees, Sadducees and a few others in the New Testament. Here is the background to that world, with pertinent comments on 'resurrection'.

Title: Genealogies!! (Or Matthew's in particular)

With a focus on Matthew's genealogy. He suggests a pattern of 14-14-14 and mentions women in particular as involved.