What’s in a name?

Angels have names – at least that is clear about some known as archangels, such as Gabriel and Michael. Others maybe too, maybe their names are fixed, maybe not. Names are tied to identity – hence changes of names in Scripture. A ‘You will be called… because…’ They are also tied to function. I referred to in a previous post about an angel that enabled us to leave Cádiz and how once we encountered that angel things that had been unlocked opened up. We called that angel ‘the finishing angel’. Not a very good name and probably not too accurate. However seemed appropriate.

We are engaging here with an angel we call ‘Angel Azahar’ as this is the region we are living in (Costa Azahar). Maybe again not the right or most accurate of names. This angel is to enable us in our entry and also to release dreams. We have also made some requests for help and have had some wonderfully strange responses, even down to a lamp-post that was too bright being laid to rest on the ground without damaging anything in the process!

I do not understand why angels are sent and why some things do not simply happen without their involvement. It also seems that we should not call for a partnering with angels when we should be directly accessing the heavens ourselves. So by now if you have read this and the previous posts you will probably realise that on the clueless scale I am well and truly operating toward the top of the scale.

The dreams are interesting. For both Gayle and I we experience dreams in phases. When there are dreams to come that seem to be the clear ‘God dreams’ there is often a series of dreams that are not so clear, but are marked by an increase in number that can seem to ‘tease’ that there is increased activity. Following that activity then comes some that are clear.

We are also keen to learn what is on the scroll that an angel comes to fulfil. So we initially asked if something was on the scroll and we could see a release of that – that one pulled a blank. I am being a little vague deliberatly here so hope you follow. The vagueness is we are not at the end of the story. So here goes, trying to be clear in the midst of vagueness!! We asked if ‘a’ was on the scroll as we really needed ‘a’ to happen. Nothing happened in relation to our request. However today Gayle has connected a dream I had, where I visited a certain place that specialises in impartations of ‘a’. However they prayed that I might receive ‘b’ and never mentioned ‘a’. (Still with it???) And in fact ‘a’ will occur when ‘b’ is established, and ‘a’ will simply be the sign that ‘b’ has occurred!! So today Gayle has a chat with Angel Azathar saying if ‘b’ is on the scroll we will cooperate to see that manifest quickly.

What is my point – or you ask do I have a point? I am suggesting that angels have names (identity & function) and if we are to partner with them they come to fulfil whatever is on their ‘scroll’. We seek to discern what is on the scroll, line ourselves with heaven and then enter into partnership: heavenly and earthly servants together of the one true God.

I think I have made many mistakes, lived with some presumption, missed some interventions of heaven etc. But if I stay focused on Jesus at the centre there must also be room for experimentation, getting it wrong, and occasionally lining up and finding that in the angelic partnership there are some unusual fulfilments.

Thanks Debs for provoking these random thoughts…

Angelic Presence

I have many times experienced something I do not understand, and that is what Debs described in her post as an angelic presence. I cannot explain why angels come nor why their presence ‘feels’ different to the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit. (Again as acknowledged in the first post on the angelic subjectivity kicks in.)

Why does an angel come? After all the Holy Spirit is both omni-present and omnipotent. It is not as if s/he cannot get somewhere nor needs help to fulfil a task. So on this one I pretty much draw a blank. And to keep it all in balance I love Jesus’ response to Saul of Tarsus when asked what he was to do (‘what is my mission in life?’), was not given an angelic visitation, nor even a direct word from heaven – both of which could be easily understood given the nature of his calling, but was rather to go to Damascus (another subject related to the atrocities there today and the recovery of the Pauline Gospel) and a ‘certain disciple’ would inform him. The elevation of humanity by God is humbling in the extreme. God certainly does not do everything through the mediatorship of angels, indeed there are certain awesome things he chooses to do through the likes of you and I.

There are other aspects we need to hold… I consider that the angelic is not more divine like than human. After all the ‘crazy’ revelation of Scripture is that we are in the image of God, and the resurrection is the hugest affirmation of this. We also will judge angels, so Paul informs us. So many mysteries, but what about an angelic presence?

There are times when there is a distinct aroma, light seems to change and often that indicates a breaking through of the heavenly realm and the distinct appearance of an angel (or several). I cannot though explain why most often an angelic presence ‘feels’ distinct.

We recently had some visitors with us and just before we prayed I had to slow down, take an intake of breath, because an angel came to help them in the next phase of their journey back in another land. I don’t know if I had the name, but I knew the function (names are both to do with identity and function). Could the next phase be completed without an angel? Did the angel have to show up or could they work with the angel without realising it? I don’t know but I think it is always better to shelf some of the questions, profess ignorance and seek to partner, and when they arrived back in their land there was immediate evidence suggesting that this angel showing up in the east coast of Spain had travelled quite a few thousand miles ahead of them.

The first thing that happens to me when there is an angelic presence is I have to slow down. I have to discern, and by that I mean acknowledge what is taking place. I cannot just run on ahead as per normal.

Having slowed down it might take a little while to get clarity on the ‘why have you been sent from heaven?’, ‘what have you come to do?’, and ‘how are we to connect?’

I don’t understand either why to connect with some angels one has to do so in a certain geography. We were instructed that there were three angels connected to our move across Spain. Two we have connected with the third awaits us. Once we knew about the three angels we felt we needed to connect with the first one. We went to a statue that was for good and bad a representative of the city. Within hours of doing so what had been stuck for almost 2 months was released to enable us to move. Prior to that we were told by the estate agents that what was stuck was something they had not witnessed before in all their years of working. He asked – seems to me you are attracting this. I replied ‘I expect so’. We might have been attracting this, drawing something out, but we needed an angel to become involved to see the release.

Loads I do not get but am very thankful whenever an angel is sent to open something up.

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