Still gone…!

A few more days and then home. Today we drive to Valencia, will get a flight to Palma de Mallorca and be with Noel and Tricia. And a bed!!

However a tent, a small gas burner, two children’s flotation lilos as matresses has been our home for the past week – yes luxury comes in different packages. However when one reads of yet another two boats down in the Mediterranean luxury is to be measured by being able to have a cup of coffee and a croissant in the morning. Once we are home I will blog more but yesterday we were able to give Pamplona (the world-famous bull running city) a major blast. Religion in all forms places a ceiling over a people, and when it is entwined with animal sacrifice, there really are some issues.

In a visit to Madrid when we were able to pray into the Valley of the Fallen we were led to a particular church where we encountered the saint San Lorenzo. Another story… Well he was a wild one, martyred in the persecution by Emperor Valerian in 258 on August 10th. Last night we stayed in Huesca the place of his birth. A remarkable man of faith and hardly anything here marking that. There is a greater presence of Saint George (a mythical figure whose spiritual legacy is still causing enormous problems round the world). Little wonder it was a bit of a battle here through the night. Got to be worth it all though. This is such a wonderful year for Spain. We do not expect it all to swing – after all this is only 2015, marking the half-way point of this decade. There will be many swing backs to preserve the status quo. But let’s see the see-saw swing a few more times!!

Oh and did I mention the great hardship of driving with the Pyrenees in full view for two hours yesterday? Breathtaking. If anyone reading this is ever wanting a wonderful break with some of the best countryside in the world, get yourself to the north of Spain, bring a tent, a small burner for coffee making, then go camp wherever you stop and ENJOY.

Gone for days

Tomorrow morning we leave early for the north of Spain. Camping – with the threat of the first few days with thunderstorms. Still our tent is ‘shower-proof’!! Could be what some people make of my theology. Shower-proof but can’t withstand a severe storm? We got some new places to see and some prayer stuff to focus on too.

So I will be without internet for some of the time. I am posting a video below – and am not posting it because I will be out of communication! I am posting it because for those interested the level of honesty from Jeremy (and Bren) on their journey is very humbling. I know that biblically and theologically the rights / wrongs will be debated for decades to come. This site goes by the title of ‘Perspectives’ so here is a very personal and honest perspective. It is an hour long but I sat and watched it without realising that amount of time had passed.

As an aside another interesting aspect recently I picked up on. Not sure how this one had passed me by, but with the controversy surrounding Obama’s ‘selling out’ to Iran I assumed this was a US / Iran deal. Far from it. Charles Strohmer (Source) points out that it was a deal that China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States plus Germany worked out. I am not suggesting that it is a good deal – what do I know about such things – but simply how complex our world is.

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So much talk about the economy, but what is the economy? Is it just pounds and pence? Dollars and Euros and cents? The Cambridge dictionary defines it as “the system of trade and industry by which the wealth of a country is made and used.”

W.I.L.D. voices for the poor and the powerless

For some time I have been wrestling with the issues of money, care for the poor and how our present western economic system seeks to support people in need. As a community at Antioch, Llanelli we have a focus on ‘God’s presence and the poor’ and over many years see the day to day pressures of folks who are increasingly struggling financially in these challenging times.

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‘How is it that the best of church experience in both traditional and radical expressions tends to relapse to hierarchical domination and control?’ This is Roger Haydon Mitchell’s chilling question in his introduction to his newly published PhD thesis, Church, Gospel & Empire.

Art shaping culture

It has been received wisdom for a while now that economic power is shifting from the old world to the new world. Continental Europe is faced with tremendous headwinds to do with spiraling social costs and an ageing population that means growth over the next 100 years will be hard to come by. In the developing world on the other hand very low wage rates and high worker motivation are combining to create a compelling long term argument for excess growth rates and wealth creation for those markets.

Values: unelectability

I watched a film recently ‘Ides of March’. A film looking at people on the campaign trail. The governor has sex with the intern (definitely a big ‘no’ in the film)… However, the areas that were far more challenging though were to do with the ethics of winning votes. One example were meetings with fellow politicians to gain their endorsement. Making a deal so that votes could be guaranteed – in return a position in the forthcoming government.

Wealth: redefinitions

Definitions of course have their limitations, but I was provoked and challenged when sitting listening to a Zimbabwean speak. His question to us was to consider what are we were investing into. To help us he used the two phrases of ‘artificial’ and ‘creational’ wealth. One he said was how the (industrialised) West defines wealth, but is illusionary. This he, therefore, termed ‘artificial’.

Come back Christian nation

Abortion, gay marriage, Sunday trading (sorry, strike that one off, as we like that now)… All evidence that we are losing it. The ‘look, once we could see Cathedrals and church spires on the landscape, now Mosques are where churches once stood’ type of statement are all laments about what is disappearing.