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A PS at the beginning!! Forgot to say that… (must remember to keep taking those tablets to help me remember… old joke ‘I take two tablets a day; one is for my memory and I can’t remember what the other one is for’).

Forgot to say that Gayle bought a watch one time we were in Madrid just as we were leaving. It was a sign that time was being reset. Anyway with watch on wrist we arrive in Madrid this past weekend. The watch has stopped at 12:00:12. The day we were focused on is known as 12-O (12th. October). Strange but batteries do run out so was just interesting to see that the time when it stopped was what it was… but once the watch was reset to the right time, it just picked it up and off it went keeping time.

It reminded me of a few years back when I had an interesting set of experiences where clocks and watches that had been stopped just started, including one that had the pendulum removed but it then started and also ‘tick tocked’.

Then I picked up the video from the hospital room where Bob Jones spent his last night before he passed away (I am putting a link to this at the bottom of the post). So I think there is also something we need to note about a shift in time.

Cold in MadridNice to get home. Madrid is the capital, in the centre of the country and higher up so quite a bit colder than here. We did see this sign indicating the temperature (- 173°C /-280°F) which did explain why we needed jeans and coats!! We certainly had some impressive thunder storms while there but trust we also destabilised the atmosphere ourselves.

Our focus was simple… Columbus Day, here known as the Dia de la Hispanidad, a day when many things come together, representing patriotism, militarism and imperialism. Our prayer since the beginning of the year has been with regard to the right alignment of Spain, calling for the ‘spine of Spain to align’. We had not planned to be in Madrid specifically for this day as we were unaware of the date (sorry for our ignorance) but once we decided to travel there over this past weekend we then discovered the significance of the date. It also coincided with Simon and Amy (Cádiz) completing a section of a prayer walk covering the area where Columbus sailed from and ending in Puerto de Santa Maria at his statue.

columbus_flagThe area dedicated to Columbus carries the largest Spanish flag in the nation, and some very impressive and creative sculpted monuments to Columbus and the ships that went out. Right beneath the flag we placed a plaque in a humble olive tree, the day before the large military parade, complete with king’s speech took place.

If I knew how to pray in these situations I would love to inform you… but I am pretty clueless about such things. We sought to come in humility and repentance. Our experience is certainly that most shifts seem to begin with something inadequate. Two non-Spanish people in Madrid, two non-Spanish people in Cádiz – what difference does it make? Those things are hard to evaluate, and of course we do not know about the (perhaps) Spanish-born who have stood in the gap before and after we have gone will continue to do so.

Who knows whether there was a sign or not. The old king was not present, this being the first time the current king has stood there to give his speech as king. A young / old issue is huge in Spain and something we will write about in the future. Cataluña / Catalonia (maybe I should write Catalunya (Catalan)) today announced they will not be proceeding with a referendum in November concerning independence. Was that a sign? We have huge sympathies with Cataluña due to its severe oppression during the Civil War, and the continuing centralised attitudes that come from Madrid… but there is always a higher way than reaction.

Small things in the hand of God can shift enormous issues locked in history… The photos that follow might indicate the smallness of our activities in contrast to the ‘achievements’ in the history.

Columbus Plaque


Columbus Ship
Plaza Colon


Prophetic voices

If you are not familiar with this young man Shane Koyczan I highly recommend him, his spoken word poetry is brilliant at times…

Slight word of caution he is not always “safe” and presentable in his word choices so if you are offended by an occasional “street” language you might want to be prepared.

I found the video incredibly encouraging for both the message and the depth he presents for such a young poet…

“We must behave as the arms that connect the ground to the sky…”

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