Here are a number of papers that might be of interest. They are in pdf format – if needed you can download a free Acrobat Reader from Adobe,

 The first paper is an introduction to the issues surrounding personal eschatology:

  • heaven and hell – final destinies
  • the intermediate state – what happens between death and the return of Jesus

Download here: Heaven and Hell: Death and beyond

 The Land from a New Testament Perspective

There have been those who suggest that teaching on the land is simply an OT perspective and that it relates to Israel and her land. This is to miss the OT element that peoples are connected to land, and that ‘exiles’ occur for more people than the covenant people of Israel. This and other aspects I examine in this paper. This will be downloaded in booklet format.

 Israel: a theological and eschatological approach

This is a paper I first presented in March 2003 at a conference looking at perspectives on Israel. It seeks to root our perspective firmly in the fufilment of Scripture taking place in Jesus, but then suggests that the particular expression within the land of Israel should be that of reconciliation.

 Some thoughts on the resurrection

This a paper I prepared on the resurrection back in 1997. It is not an apologetic for the resurrection, but an attempt to put the ressurection more central and to see the effects of such an attempt. It is not to deny the reality of the cross but it wants to put a ‘resurrection-perspective’ on the Gospel.

 Women and men released equally through the Gospel

This is a paper that was originally written for a day conference, in 1997 which looked at the issue of women in leadership. The paper was given out prior to the day and then was the basis for the first session. In the paper I sought, rather than focus on the biblical texts that restrict women, to examine the various issues surrounding the subject itself, so as to place it in a much wider context than simply that of ‘what does the Bible say directly on the subject of women and their role.

 Chapter 10 from my Thesis on the Eschatology of the New Church Movement

I have placed Chapter 10 my MTh Thesis that I completed in 1997. We are now a decade on from that but I am amazed at the some of the comments within it when I consider the development (and struggles) within the movement since that time.

 Here is Chapter 13 from my book Embracing Tomorrow. The book is on Prophetic gifting. This Chapter was on the issue of transitions.