Explorations in Theology

  • Humanising the Divine
  • Signficant Other
  • A Subversive Movement
  • The Lifeline

Four initial books that seek to reframe some theological in a framework that takes Scripture as authority and reads it in a historical-narrative sweep.

To purchase any of the above books (hardback or ebook) go to:

Access at the Books page summaries of the four books and details how to access a group discussion.

Extended Articles

I sub-title these extended articles as 'Explorations in theology and practice'. They flow in the same direction as the four books and you can expect articles that will act as background, or an extension of those books - extending into areas of theology or of practice. The most recent article is: Paul's Gospel in Galatians.


On the Journals Page you will find a list and summary of the contents of the 'extended articles' and access to them online and / or as a download.

Videos and resources

I occasionally record a video (above one is on perspectives for 2023) and have also collected a set of general and varied resources that you might find helpful. For example:

  • a series of podcasts on Eschatology
  • a video set on the Book of Revelation
  • copies of earlier books I wrote that are out of print presented (in modified form) for downloading
  • (also in modified form) a copy of my MTh thesis on the Eschatology of the New Church Movement
  • other papers and articles

Toward a new heaven and a new earth?

Quite a statement that! Of course not my own but one that John in Revelation used to describe what he saw. And in some way a phrase that Martin Luther King echoed in his memorable speech: 'I have a dream'. The Gospel of Jesus is so radical that it cannot be reduced to something as basic as 'personal faith' and that 'Jesus is my Saviour'; Paul used the phrase 'new creation' and presented that as a current reality while not denying the reality that the world around us is visibly not 'new creation'.

I decided to use it as a 'strap line' to this site hoping to provoke us to be shaped by a future reality that is not yet totally visible; to increasingly have sight of that future reality; and to work toward that future reality, so that there is a positive after to follow the before.


Martin & GayleA revamped site. I have blogged for some 25+ years and enjoyed the discipline of putting down a few thoughts on a regular basis, and through the responses I have received in the various comments I have been enriched. I have always sought to present what I write as 'a perspective' and certainly not as the final word.

My personal interest is in how faith in Jesus can impact society, and in particular the ‘gates‘ of society. The Christian faith clearly makes an impact personally – we are called to follow Jesus personally, but that faith has public implications. The Gospel is ‘good news’, precisely because Caesar is not lord, nor any would-be dominating Caesar. The title ‘Lord‘ is given to Jesus because of how he lived. He was not humble and obedient to death so that now he can be dominant, he emptied himself (kenao) as he was in the form of God (not 'in spite of' or 'although'), and he continues as the servant for all. Jesus reveals God - God is 'Jesus-like'. Discipleship calls us to engage with our society.

I guess my core interests are two-fold: biblical theology and the practical outworking of our faith. I initially wrote four small books in 2020 which were termed 'Explorations in Theology'. I valued the response I had from those as I engaged with people on various Zoom calls. The feedback was invaluable. I thought I might write a few more volumes, but decided that I could serve better by releasing random pdf-based extended articles (booklets) that could be downloaded. I also make available 'Open Zooms' that will look at a theme - theological or practical. Details: Open Zooms. The revamping of the site is to coincide with the various developing areas. (Most Recent Posts in following section.)