Explorations: Podcasts

The first two podcasts could be usefully listened to before reading any of the books; the first one ideally alongside the first few chapters of Humanising the Divine. The second podcast could either supplement the later chapters, and certainly would make an informed listen before embarking on books beyond Humanising. The next two are related to Significant Other, the first of these two (#3 below) being a look at the bridge between the first two books. The end of the path that the fruit of 'the knowledge of good and evil' had led to, that path being ended with the cross as a roadblock illustrated so graciously with the prayer for forgiveness for they know not what they are doing. The fourth podcast homes in on Paul and his work in seeing an ekklesia in every region where Rome already had one.

1. Why the focus on humanity?

In this podcast and the next one I give a few aspects with regard to the overall flow of the books, focusing on Humanising the Divine. Why start with the focus on humanity? One of the reasons being that no theology appears water-tight!! The bigger aspect though is that Jesus, as human is key to our knowledge of who God is, and that God has a high view of humanity.

2. The cross & reading Scripture

My main focus in this podcast is to pick up on some of the aspects that a reader might find distinctive in reading these volumes. The first is on the cross, where I insist that the 'when' of the cross has to be the window to understand the 'what' of the cross. This leads to the reading of Scripture as a narrative relating to the historical setting. With regard to the New Testament this illustrates how radical Jesus was - he is after all incarnated as a first century Jewish male, and the -ever-so-unlikely possibility of the message concerning Jesus ever had traction in the one-world government of his day.

3. An introduction to Significant Other

This podcast is an ideal place to start before reading 'Significant Other'. It highlights the final chapter of Humanising the Divine as a bridge chapter - looking back to the journey from Eden / the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to the cross (as that tree) and looking forward to the arrival of the 'Significant Other' from the side of Jesus.

4. Paul and the ekklesia

This second podcast on Significant Other explores a little further the direction of the book. What was Paul doing in planting an ekklesia in every city (polis). Taking the calling of Israel as a 'kingdom of priests' I suggest they fail in that calling. But the term as applied to the New Testament people is highly appropriate and compatible with the term ekklesia.