An invitation!!

Help bring some Brazilians to a conference.

Well that is a nice way to put ‘if you were thinking of finding a way to part with some dosh, here is one way I can suggest!’ (Hate asks for money that make it all sound as if the request is doing you a favour… but PLEASE read on.)

As readers of this blog will be aware Gayle works within Authentic (Life and Business). I had a connection with Andrew Chua in 2004, and reconnected more substantially in 2020 when I attended the Ignite conference, where they were helping train those who wished to move toward facilitating / consulting in the business arena. I called Gayle each night, and said ‘I love the material, it is probably way over my head, but it will be like a hand in glove if and when you connect with it; and the second part I love is their approach to money.’

Well Gayle is going to be part of the next Ignite training conference in January in Ashburnham Place. We (Gayle and I) want to help some Brazilians that she has been working with for a while to get across to the conference, and also to have some extra time to dialogue. They are people that we know / have known for years. They are not ‘monied’, Brazil’s economy is not similar to the UK, so money is a challenge. We would love for them (how many depends on how much dosh can be available – up to 4 people if possible) to be able to attend.

We will be making a contribution so invite anyone else who would like to to join us. (You can also email me – to get any other information you want about this.)

How to give?

We have arranged with David Erasmus and his charity ‘BroadPlace’ so that gifts (UK-wise) can be given into the charity with the additional bonus of Gift Aid being added to the contribution.

If you need to contact David directly: or

So either email me directly or David to get details of the bank account and procedure. David will need your email to send you a GiftAid form and also a procedural Data record permission form.

The Ignite conference – hey think about coming. You will love it, and probably not over your head at all.

To register:

I am a fan

Probably better jump over the opening paragraph and photo… the real substance lies beyond!

Gayle’s family are (except for Helen – it is good to be different and to have one ‘s own ideas) fans of Liverpool. I tend to support the referee and in my dreams would love to be a referee, thinking I could cut out all the verbal dissent with a few red cards here and there… In my dreams… remember Pierluigi Collina? Now that is someone to look up to.

But beyond referees I am a fan of Authentic Lives and the work that Gayle is involved in. I am unbiased and so can objectively say she is brilliant at it… Even if there is a touch of subjectivity there the ‘testimonies’ back are awesome. All of this is to say that a face to face course is going to be put on in Ashburnham place, hosted by Gayle and Andrew. Here are the details:

If you are able to attend you will NOT be disappointed. The costs are for the accommodation, the course is delivered for free, any donation is of course welcomed.

Maybe I should put this in a separate post but I read the following this morning. Clever guy that Tom fella. I have added the emphasis, as that is my (extremely smart) contribution to the quote:

So when someone like Paul arrived in Thessalonica or Ephesus with his message about the one God and his crucified and risen son, he was not offering an alternative way of being religious in the sense of a private hobby, something to do in a few hours at the weekend. He was offering a heart transplant for an entire community and its culture.