Roger: interview on ‘Woke’

Roger (Mitchell) recently presented a paper at the Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies at Queens College and met Asger Trier, a Danish Jewish independent scholar and journalist, on the subject of “Woke.” Asgier raised several important questions about cancel culture and platforming but then shocked me by suggesting that the pulling down of the statue of the Bristol slave trader Edward Colston was a step too far. Roger challenged him on this in the discussion after his paper who then asked if he could interview me for his TV channel, which we recorded the following afternoon. It raises interesting points about love’s response to conspiracy theories, populism and the reality of evil. The brief introduction is in Danish, of course, but the rest is English.

One thought on “Roger: interview on ‘Woke’

  1. This was a challenging subject,but what a great interview which was so graciously approached by Roger and Asger .One of the things that stood out for me was they were really listening to each other.I’m guessing this hadn’t been rehearsed,so their body language was genuine.This comment isn’t so much about Woke,but two guys in conversation that regardless of topic I could maybe learn a thing or two.I’m pretty sure this just the beginning for a journey together.
    Roger,so respectful and gentle,coming back to love at every fork in the road.

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