Kenarchy Volume 4

Yes the Kenarchy Journal Volume 4 is out. Here are the titles in this volume:

  • Kenosis in Catastrophe
  • Creation and Kenosis
  • Discharged from the Law: Paulos, Anarchy and Spirit. Exploring Romans 6-8 With Gershom Scholem and Walter Benjamin
  • The Eucharist as Iconic Experience of Divine Love: Ancient – Future Orienteering with Julian of Norwich
  • False Doctrine, False God, False Economy: Scarcity and Abundance in the Song of Solomon
  • A Gospel of Exclusion? Implications of Employing Nehemiah as Exemplar in American Political Rhetoric
  • With three book reviews at the close.

The Kenarchy Journal, with Roger and Sue Mitchell at the core of it, has now come into partnership with the Institute of Religion, Peace and Justice, and it is also now their academic journal. If you think the academic side is too tough, skim an article, find a paragraph that resonates… As we shift from Empire to chaos, we need to keep imagination, faith and hope alive. Go get yourself over there and check it out.

One thought on “Kenarchy Volume 4

  1. I took your invitation Martin to read something in Kenarchy and I found some riches to ponder!

    ‘What will healing look like in a catastrophic frame in which trauma is profoundly normalized and widely embodied in the fiber of our social lives and in our physical cells? ‘

    ‘Losing hold on categories that have felt very familiar, like “woman,” or “straight,” can feel deeply unsettling, and yet there is new embodiment available to us as God greets our rebirth in a world with norms made new. ‘

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