Webinar with Anna Mercedes (at Kenarchy)

This is a copy of an email from Roger:

The Kenarchy Journal: Anna Mercedes Webinar 20th September 19.30hrs

Happy autumn! As you may know, we at The Kenarchy Journal are experimenting with webinars to give readers of the journal the opportunity to engage with our authors. The first of these will be on Wednesday September 20th with Anna Mercedes, whose article “Kenosis in Catastrophe” was published in Volume Four of the Journal. I am contacting you as someone who has been in touch asking about this, or who I think will be interested. It would help us if you could reply by return if you plan to participate. A zoom link will be sent to those enlisting in due course.

Please feel free to forward this to friends and colleagues who you think might be interested.

Peace and love,


Use this link to let Roger know of your intention to attend: