Open Zoom: June 7

Just a little forward notice. I have been hosting a ‘first Tuesday of the month open Zoom’ where we have picked a subject and tried to host it in a way that means we can all contribute and all gain from it.

Next date and time: Tuesday, June 7 at 7:30 UK time.

We are following on from ‘what do we see / what are we noticing?’ We will have an interview with Peter McKinney. Peter is from Ireland, is a seer, an interpreter of signs and also embedded in the land! Not a combination that is very common, so there will be a great richness in what comes through. Some big picture undertandings, particularly with Ireland at the West and Ukraine at the East of Europe. And some very down to earth perspectives. I bought a book recently that comes highly acclaimed on the Suicide that Europe is committing (I will blog a response in the next few days). In it is prediction, and dare I say it, fear and pessimism. I am sure an accurate trajectory – if the past is what shapes us… It is (in part) but as believers the real shaping is ‘new creation’ and in our context ‘new Europe’. Any drifting into my forthcoming blog.

For now note the date and the link:

Time: Jun 7, 2022 19:30 London

Meeting ID: 572 803 9267
Passcode: 5GkMTA

One thought on “Open Zoom: June 7

  1. I cannot attend as it is during work hours. However, I just watched an interview with the guy who heads up the Davos Economic Forum. To quote ‘we are at the turning point of history’. I guess many of us need to decide what that will look like, which direction we want to turn. I await insights.

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