Engaging with what we see

May 3rd Open Zoom

Once a month I have been hosting an ‘open Zoom’ not directly connected to the books I have written. In them we have tried to pick up on something that we can all contribute to, which is handy as none of us come as ‘experts’. At the last one I suggested that in this month’s zoom (Tuesday May 3rd., 7:30pm UK time) that we seek to share what we ‘see’ / have ‘noticed’ / are anticipating for this year and into 2023.

Although maybe a bit of a bigger picture response I made a video a little while back on Perspectives for 2022. It will be good to watch this before coming on line. Any big picture perspective will be translated into what is immediately before us, so I anticipate our discussion will headline the big picture but focus on the ‘what is around me’ perspective. Love to see you there – no need to let me know you are coming… just show up on the evening.

Here are the Zoom details:


Meeting ID: 572 803 9267
Passcode: 5GkMTA

First open Zoom date

I have set October 5th., 7.30pm UK time for the first zoom date where all are invited. I will take this first one, so it will have my bias, the bias that is reflected in the four books ‘Explorations in Theology’. It will not be necessary to have read (nor purchased!) the books. These zooms are open to anyone – it is not a requirement that you have been on the previous / current zooms that are going through the four books.

Not all the evenings will be of a theological bias, I plan for ones also to be practical and ethical. And this one, and any others that are more theological / biblical based will also push in to the ‘so what’ practical areas.

The first one will be on reading Luke’s two volumes politically – which is one of the strong underlying thrusts in his writings (my opinion!). It is not to do with political party politics.

On the home page https://3generations.eu is a form – simply fill this in to ‘enroll’. It means I will have an idea of numbers, also I have to send you a zoom link and also a document I have written up trying to plot the path of the political theme. I will not re-hash the paper on the evening. A short synopsis and then questions, elements that we can pick up for discussion – some of which could well be based on any suggestions that you have proposed having read / skimmed / scribbled all over the document.

Looking forward to seeing you!