Tomorrow: invite and reminder

A quick post to remind you that there is an ‘open zoom’ tomorrow evening, Tuesday 4th at 7:30pm UK time. (NO OBLIGATION TO SHOW UP.) A few months back we began with a theme of ‘what do you see?’, ‘what do you notice?’. 3 months ago we were privileged to have some very insightful input from Pete McKinney, a perspective from Ireland (as well as heaven!).

This is the theme we are continuing to pursue.

This time we will have another voice that will bring perspectives from the edge. Rosie Benjamin has an African heritage and carries that joyful love of life so characteristic of that continent. I believe she has insights to offer us on how to keep joy and hope alive as we look to navigate the challenging times that we are entering.

Steve Lowton will hold the space for Rosie and for responses. Alongside Steve, Ro Lavender will help facilitate our responses and voices.

We are not looking for definitive responses, ‘truth’ (or maybe for us ‘something approximating to helpful perspectives’) seem to lie between us rather than reside within us an individual.

Here is the Zoom link for the evening:

Meeting ID: 572 803 9267
Passcode: 5GkMTA

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