Video: standing against jealousy

A few days ago I made a video on an awareness how certain aspects can conspire to threaten our health. I did not make it in the sense of a ‘1 – 1’ relationship, but presented it as patterns to be considered. I had a number of responses asking me to expand some more, particularly how to respond.

I have centred in on the issue of ‘jealousy’, and I am centring in on Prov. 27:4

Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming,
but who is able to stand before jealousy?

Jealousy attacks where and how we are standing.

2 thoughts on “Video: standing against jealousy

  1. Thank you Martin such a useful and practical video. I found it interesting that you suggested bringing in a third party to mediate/sort out etc. It certainly is hard to stand against jealousy because it wants to both dispossess and to destroy! It definitely damages both perpetrator and victim and it is highly dangerous in the church/body of Christ particularly?

    1. I know it can sound harsh but I am very impacted by ‘who can stand…’, for this reason I do believe that simply trying to work it out, ‘a reasonable chat’, normally works out as a trap. Another person needs to be involved and when the time is right can bring both parties together. ‘Live at peace with all as far as is possible’ is a sobering and practical guideline. We must not go so far that we abandon the ‘lentil field’ that is ours.

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