A video on the ‘Second Horizon’

I recorded an interview that Steve Watters did with me a few days back and it is now uploaded to YouTube. I have also an expanded written piece (10000 words) that go with it. The pdf article is in more detail, the video picks up why I believe Matt. 24 (maybe famous for such statements as ‘wars and rumours of wars’) is not written addressing our future but the future of those who were the immediate recipients of the words of Jesus. He made it clear that all the signs he gave would be fulfilled within the lifetime of ‘this generation’. In the pdf I also give my take on Paul’s rather cryptic reference to ‘the man of lawlessness’, again a fulfilment in the period 66-70AD seems to fit this best. The pdf is found here – read or download:

Eschatology: The Second Horizon

I will set some dates soon when for those interested I will give a short reflection on the material related to Matt. 24 and then – well who knows where the discussion will go – hopefully not to ‘wars and rumours of wars’!!!

Eschatology: Introduction Video 2

The second of four videos that will give an introduction as to what foundations I consider are essential to grasp biblical eschatology.

I plan scheduling two Zoom presentations – 15 minutes presentation on the salient points and then open discussion. Dates still to be set. All are welcome – either watch all four videos and / or read the pdf that are the (expanded) notes for this series.

The pdf is found here:
Eschatology Introduction.pdf

Eschatology: Introduction Video 1

The first of four short videos that address issues that we need to consider as foundational to enabling us make a journey in understanding biblical Eschatology.

I will set two dates when I will present by Zoom for 15 minutes on the introductory foundations from the 4 videos – all welcome. For those wishing to attend watch the four videos and / or read the pdf notes (fuller than the videos). Next video up tomorrow.

The (expanded) notes are at:
Eschatology Introduction.pdf

Video: standing against jealousy

A few days ago I made a video on an awareness how certain aspects can conspire to threaten our health. I did not make it in the sense of a ‘1 – 1’ relationship, but presented it as patterns to be considered. I had a number of responses asking me to expand some more, particularly how to respond.

I have centred in on the issue of ‘jealousy’, and I am centring in on Prov. 27:4

Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming,
but who is able to stand before jealousy?

Jealousy attacks where and how we are standing.

Post for 2023

I have made a video looking forward to this year. I reflect back on ‘predictions / prophetic insights’ for 2022, and rather than simply tick boxes, we have to ask a ‘so what’ about what had been said. We are undoubtedly at a time of crises – COVID marked a before and an after but has not gone away.

At a global level I see 2023 marked by currency crises, new currencies prototyped, currency wars, and re-alignments particularly for the African and South American continents. At a personal level a re-alignment away from independence in the first months, and away from overt inordinate dependence in the latter months (thus even I will not escape!).

Interview on prophecy / the prophetic

Mark Gamblin interviewed me a few weeks back to comment on, give perspectives on and generally reflect on the prophetic. A very generous interview and is about 45 minutes long. Yes I am sitting on the bed. No I am not asleep… I was not coming out of a siesta nor about to go into one… the internet enters by the side of the bed – hey that’s my excuse!

Forgiveness – used as a weapon?

I recently read an article from Michele Perry on how forgiveness being branded as (e.g.) ‘if you do not forgive (and move on)’ can be and is weaponised in many / most Christian circles. A conversation starter for sure and something that makes us go much deeper than a quick fix mentality. I interviewed her (video below). The original article is at:


In the article there is a link to a ‘live’ confession of a pastor (bravo) but also an exposure of the lack of transparency, followed by the covering of the pastor and no support for the one who has lived with the abuse. Painful to watch but if able to is informative and very challenging.