Post for 2023

I have made a video looking forward to this year. I reflect back on ‘predictions / prophetic insights’ for 2022, and rather than simply tick boxes, we have to ask a ‘so what’ about what had been said. We are undoubtedly at a time of crises – COVID marked a before and an after but has not gone away.

At a global level I see 2023 marked by currency crises, new currencies prototyped, currency wars, and re-alignments particularly for the African and South American continents. At a personal level a re-alignment away from independence in the first months, and away from overt inordinate dependence in the latter months (thus even I will not escape!).

3 thoughts on “Post for 2023

  1. Thanks Martin. Very interesting at both levels of ‘macro ‘ shifts, politics and finances, and ‘micro’ re dependence changes and shifts.: I’ll bear in mind Inter-dependence probably best way forward.
    Happy New Year to you and Gayle.

  2. My thoughts on the incoming 2023, is she came in quietly but resolutely. There’s a job to be done!

    Well at least those were the thoughts as I lay there expecting the fireworks to keep me awake and they never came or were too far away to hear. It was wet and foggy but even so sometimes people try anyway, but this year, no! Some did that to support Ukraine but it also just seemed to fit my feelings about this coming year. So let’s pray that things get done and those that need support through the process of change are helped and guided along the way, reassurance will be needed in bucketloads, but change needs to be done.

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