So what?

I posted a video of some sight for 2023 with the major focus being on currency changes, but preceded that by a few ‘so what?’ comments. This was provoked by clicking on a link about a major scandal that is still unfolding within the EU parliament. It resonated with something I had said about what was to come in 2022 (I had said it would relate to a company scandal and affect multiple nations with resignations… to date there is no mention of a ‘company’ involved – but there is more to come on this, and of course it affects 27 nations within the EU.)

I came through to speak with Gayle and to reflect with her on this. I also reflected on a number of other situations, both from 2022 and from other situations, some of which are really hard to reconcile, but most leave one with a ‘so what?’ kind of response. Assuming that there is genuine revelation involved, there remains the ‘and what good does the revelation do?’.

If we are interested in ‘knowing something someone else does not know’ then we have the answer to the ‘so what’ question, however, information for the sake of information is not what God trades in. Transformation is the work of heaven, not the dispensing of information. That is the huge difference between occult foretelling and any element of foretelling within prophecy. One releases a measure of bondage and ‘fate’ the other the wonderful flexible destiny of a God who works in all things for the good of those who love God and are called according to that divine purpose.

So we have to rule out ‘giving of inside knowledge’ as part of the ‘so what’ answer. Sadly I think this is often part of the deal when people give their ‘what I see for the coming year’ proclamations. Long term (maybe short term) this can only release problems. Other problems arise when (often because of political or theological reasons) we connect the dots too quickly, or as unbiased as we think we are that our bias gives us the interpretation.

Any foretelling will be a focus for prayer, though one of the challenges here is that when something is foretold the expectation is often different to that of the outworking. (I have a colleague who prophesied in Madrid prior to the election in 2004 that there would be ‘an explosion in the city that will turn the expected outcome of the election’. Within a few days the Madrid train bombing took place and the election result was the opposite of what was anticipated. She told me ‘never once did I think that this would be a literal explosion’. So of course one can say, information fuels prayer… but when we are on the wrong track already it might not make a lot of difference.

Signs. Now we get closer I think. Signs in Scripture are semi-sacramental, and of course the ‘sign’ of the elements (for Protestants) is indeed fully ‘sacramental’ for others. Signs point. They are sign posts to help us set direction, set direction for our sight. ‘When you see these things happen…’ lift your eyes. We look higher than the sign, we look beyond the sign. So if I am correct to place ‘currency’ as a main focus this coming year what would be beyond that – ‘economy’ not in the sense of the GDP of a nation, nor simply at how do I look after my money. The sign might necessitate what we consider doing with money, but it is pointing beyond money.

Signs. Even when we do not understand what is beyond the sign to look for, signs also pull what they point at to the physicality. They draw the spiritual reality / value into the physical. Hence with the ‘currency’ issue we will see that somehow economy / economies will feel the affect greatly of what is taking place. And when we consider that money / perceived wealth is at the centre of what is shaken when there is a significant spiritual shift (consider Ephesus in Acts 19 where it seems all the signs come together, and if Ephesus is a first city, then we expect to see there the clarity that is often hidden elsewhere) we should be anticipating something accelerating.

[Acceleration seems to be where we are at… when Liz Truss was established as PM of England I know that a number saw her as a ‘re-incarnation’ of Margaret Thatcher. Some of my connections of course saw this as a restoration of something good… I, however, said if she goes quickly it will be a sign that elements of the past are being emptied out quickly. I might have my bias but I think I was motivated by we are not looking to re-establish the past – not the past with Churchill nor with Mrs. T. This has been, for me, what COVID has highlighted. We are not to return to a ‘back to normal’. That which we thought was normal was largely un-normal, and un-natural. We are not looking to go back but moving on into land we have not been in.]

Whatever we see in the sense of ‘God is removing’, ‘this will be shaken’ has to be expecting that there will be something that comes through the shaking, or comes up from the buried place into visibility that cannot be shaken (Heb. 13 helpfully give us elements that have to come through).

We are to expect space to be occupied that is cleared, often, though, with chaos being the first state. God creates out of chaos. Other creation stories might have ‘god’ defeating the chaos monster, and our story is both far removed from that version and also not so far away from it. God creates out of chaos. So we might not expect something to instantly replace what has been shaken out of its place. A too-quick replacement might see something substituted but carrying the same spirit – that is my concern with so much of the ‘Chrstendom under a new label’ approach. We replace what has been dominating with a Christian presence that… dominates!

Maybe we have to live with chaos first, then comes boundaries, then comes ‘this is good’ to fill it.

A ‘so what’ for 2023? Sow our two coins (and coins can be representative of time – a better economy) where we want the world to go.

We are rapidly coming to the time when the body of Christ will be central to the purposes of God by not centring itself on itself. The survival of the ‘church’ is not the goal, but the presence of God in and through all things. ‘I saw a new heaven and a new earth’ (a whole new creation) but within the ‘new Jerusalem’ John says that he ‘saw no temple in the city’.

What will take place in these (now) next 17/18 years? When we look back we might realise that we had no clue about the ‘so what’, but I suspect if we can free ourselves from desiring knowledge that we will be amazed at what is new.

A footnote: ecological renewal… now that involves a new economy.

Post for 2023

I have made a video looking forward to this year. I reflect back on ‘predictions / prophetic insights’ for 2022, and rather than simply tick boxes, we have to ask a ‘so what’ about what had been said. We are undoubtedly at a time of crises – COVID marked a before and an after but has not gone away.

At a global level I see 2023 marked by currency crises, new currencies prototyped, currency wars, and re-alignments particularly for the African and South American continents. At a personal level a re-alignment away from independence in the first months, and away from overt inordinate dependence in the latter months (thus even I will not escape!).

People Movements

Living in the West is a privilege. I might not like the throwing of soup on art work but I guess when one is deeply concerned about the state of the world actions can be seen as extreme (‘Just stop oil’ activists, for example). Protest, from activists such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, through Jesus to the prophets… I like many others have been involved to some extent and only once did I think ‘if I were a citizen of this country I will not be alive in the coming days… so grateful for my British passport’. We, in the West, are relatively safe, substantially safe; but now those in China, Russia or in Iran? That is a different matter.

Earlier this year I posted a video related to sight for 2022, and listening to it again this morning I noted (around 13:00 minutes in) I spoke of people movements coming to the fore in the latter months of this year. I suspect that – as per many prophetic areas of sight – that what we are beginning to see is only the start of this and that there will be an increase as the year turns.

Where will this lead? The predictable with arrests and disappearances, but the voice on the street has been released – it is the counter voice to the voice that is given to the beast. In 2023 we will see the end of a dictator’s rule.

I tried to find where I wrote, in the public arena, about a new currency is being shaped and that crypto-currencies were not ‘it’ but a sign that something was coming forth. The current shaking on the crypto- market I think is a real sign of this. To all those involved in the big world of economics, who carry a heart and courage beyond me, watch for the signs of something appearing in the early months of 23… those who have been willing to pilgrim in the desert can learn how to ride the beast. Currencies, old and new, are not necessarily evil, what they are put to serve determines their morality.

We need… a one world government?

Jesus is coming back, will come to Jerusalem and install a one-world government. The hope of all those who hope they have backed the ‘winner’.

The antiChrist will soon appear and we will be in trouble (unless of course some theory drummed up around 1830 is correct that we are all whoosed out of here just in time), we will not be allowed to buy and sell, as a one-world government is installed. The nightmare ahead of us all.

Both the above of course are dependent on a certain way of reading the Scriptures and both are pretty deterministic. The first includes a very big part of ‘who God really is’ and therefore he rules in this way, the real ‘top down model’; the latter… well ‘drummed up’ and with a movement within it that flies in the face of the direction of movements in Scripture, which are consistently heaven to earth. So (‘perspectives’ remember) let’s push for an alternative one-world government scenario.

[Preamble: I read the Bible as wonderfully incomplete. The future is open; Revelation was for then and therefore is highly relevant for now – but is not predicting now, or the immediate future; the Fall of Jerusalem is such a pivotal point in history, and the point of Matt. 24 and parallels, blah blah blah…]

Not allowed to buy and to sell? Buying and selling describes transactional dealings, and of course is representative of how economies tick. But what if there was an alternative economy? One based on ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’, one that valued where I gave myself (my time) rather than rewarded me for perpetuating inequalities. Idealistic? Probably so, but then the nature of apocalyptic writings was to personify, concretify realities in extreme form (kind of the opposite of ‘idealify’). Are we likely to move toward a chip that allows a buying of goods in our local supermarket? Probably. Will that be a sign of the beast? Yes… in the same way that most economies have been marked by the beast for centuries. I would not worry too much about such a chip, as it is simply moving it from a card that is carried that is an extension of our bodies and placing it in our bodies. That is not a big jump, and in reality I think we need a much bigger jump in reverse direction any way! We are already complicit, and if that is a knowing compromise that we hold lightly and act differently to we really don’t have too much of an issue.

Global reparations. Boris Johnson (remember him?) recently said that no country can afford to make reparations for the issues of slavery and of climate destruction that have been made, hence Britain should not even be asked to go down that route. Maybe we could say, surely we are not our brother’s keeper. Responsible for others, other ethnicities? Surely not!

I actually am a bit of a globalist. We need some global responses to the problems we have created together (the word created there is something of an oxymoron as God said of creation ‘it is good’, maybe it should read ‘the problems we have destroyed together’… but that too does not read right!)

We actually need some form of one-world government. Not a rule from Jerusalem over the nations; certainly not a rule that oppresses – a Babylon / tower of babel. And probably / certainly not something with a headquarters somewhere. Maybe this is what Paul had in mind about phase 2 beyond ‘ekklesia in Jesus Christ in every context’. What if through stance (we see a new creation) a consistent revolution begins that pushes back against every self-centred / ethnic-centred / geo-political-centred stance, such as ‘Make xxx great again’, restore our sovereign borders and keep the others out (but let us live where we want cos we are not immigrants, but ‘ex-pats’). A revolution that changes the atmosphere, and brings on board some ready to risk it Asiarchs who see beyond their privileges to also seeing ‘new creation’.

Maybe that could be ekklesia 2.0? All kinds of people together, new economies, new ecologies, new…

Yes something not too pure, but within it and flowing into it those who follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

Not a ‘we’ll tell you what to do’ one-world government of antiChrist, nor that of the dream of Christians who backed the winner! Yeast in the bread. Could this be why Jesus prayed ‘don’t take them out of here’?

Big days in the wilderness

Forty days in the wilderness. Those were a big 40 days… 40 days to undo 40 years of wandering, which in turn were 40 years of judgement for refusing to enter the land where the spies went into for 40 days. I know I have posted on the ‘temptation stories’ before, but they seem to carry such significance.

The Spirit immediately drove him out into the wilderness (Mk. 1:12).

The Matthew and Lucan accounts are a little softer with ‘led’ being the verb, but in Mark the verb is ultra-strong. The same verb as is used consistently of ‘casting out’ demons! Two sides of the same coin. Being led to the wilderness usually feels like being ‘cast out’, ‘thrown’ into the wilderness. A dislocation is what is experienced, but behind it all is the gentle (!!) leading of the Spirit.

The wilderness, the abode of demons. The place where demons go to when cast out (‘dry and waterless place’) so that from there they can then go and find a home. They are always looking for a home among humans and within human activity. Jesus goes there, and from time to time we will find ourselves dislocated, vulnerable.

The big picture…

The first temptation is one the two Gospel writers agree on. Economic principles that are not based in creational order. The second two they change the order – religious and political power. The final two are of course what put Jesus on the cross; the compromised religious order ‘prophesying’ that it was better for one to die otherwise the Romans would come and take away their religious privileges, even taking away their Temple. Of course this is exactly what happened with the destruction of the Temple in AD70… (I think the current desire to move in this direction can only end with the same outcome.)

Some people suggest I am biased… I simply say I am writing from a perspective!!! So.

Dislocation. Into the wilderness, led there tenderly / cast out and landing there. The place where the word of the Lord comes (to John) and the place where he stayed. It is one thing to get the word of the Lord in the wilderness, but I think maybe too many have gone from the wilderness to the palace. John stayed there; Jesus went in there.

We have to (corporately, globally, and believers as first fruits of a new Creation) nail the ‘stones into bread’. Get rich schemes. Exploitation of creation, solely extracting and all that follows on from that. A confession: I never want to be without, I have insecurities about all kinds of provision… I am intimidated in the presence of those with resources / money / possessions (cannot call that wealth, as wealth and money are not the same), and one of the jokes the Lord has (divine jokes are normally at our expense, they come to reveal what is in us) is that from time to time I mix with those who are involved in global finance, who have downloads about the shifts taking place. I have pointed out to one of them that I am on a totally different page to them; the response has been ‘that is why I want you here’. That is grace, for truth does not lie in me, nor in ‘them’; truth is elusive and is in the space between us, and it will always remain just a little elusive (a lot elusive!).

Back in 2008 I began to see that there was coming an invention that would ‘recycle everything that cannot be currently recycled’. I have lost sight of that (and related aspects concerning climate crisis) over the past years and lost hope. I have been provoked in recent days to pick this up again, to believe that there will be ‘inventions’, ‘sight’ that will reverse the mess we have created… Maybe, but I think first the economic (‘money makes the world go round and round’) will have to change. Let me put it more strongly it has to change. We might all have a bias, but the simple extraction from creation as if it is ours to do that to has to go. Twenty years of challenge, into this.

If we are serious about the religious giving way to the true knowledge of God… for the boundaries are set so that people might seek after God (so there is something of God that can be found within all kinds of religion, including that of the religion that we have created with Christendom – political power compromised, as Judaism was in the days of Jesus in Jerusalem). ALLLLLL religion has to give way to the true knowledge of God – that only comes through Jesus. If we are serious about a genuine new world order, a city where there is no Temple present, or no Temple to be seen – that is so ironic, with the original Jerusalem Temple occupying something around 20% of the territory, it was what was seen!

Yes the wilderness is where it begins. There is also the top of the Temple and the high mountain that has to be visited. With the attendant temptations to be refused and a return to the wilderness, so that the scene can end with angels (heavens occupants) and wild beasts (the institutions hostile to heaven) all being present.

Wilderness is home for a while to come I guess. Yet provision will be there.

Churchill & MT

Although living outside the UK the events in the UK are always of interest, and the breaking news is of the resignation of Liz Truss as PM of the UK. 45 days in that seat… Perspectives!

There were a number of prophetic words around Boris Johnson being a ‘new Churchill’; and when the current election was buzzing as to who would come to lead the conservative party I along with a number of others saw a woman coming to that position and that she would be a new ‘Margaret Thatcher’.

A little aside… Two days ago I was hosting with Carl Wills and Gayle a Zoom gathering, and into that I said – if Liz T goes quickly it will show we are seeing something shift quickly. And that is not a comment on her as a person, nor a comment against conservative politics… so here comes the perspective.

Make Britain great again? No. That is not on the heart of God. Prophetic words can often be right, but it is how they meet expectation that the issues begin to arise. The example I have given numerous times is of Peter ‘prophesying’ the identity of Jesus as ‘you are the Christ’. Quickly followed up by ‘not so Lord’, and the wonderful loving rebuke by Jesus of ‘get behind me Satan’.

I am happy with ‘a new Churchill’, ‘a new Margaret Thatcher’, or (elsewhere) ‘he will be a wrecking ball’. It is the next step that becomes important.

So a perspective… Churchill, MT belong to an era, to something from the past. So ties with the ‘again’ words. I believe that those manfestations had to rise to cleanse / get it out of the system for the future. My comment two days ago was that the shift in the past couple of hours is showing us that something is shifting quickly.

We are not through the cleansing… but it is vital that the UK gets a major cleansing. If that happens something can shift in the USA, and also in Europe. So get ready for shakings!!! The hole left will be closed quickly, there will be proclamations that the ship has been steadied and back on course!! However, once true north is lost there is no course.

And we should not be looking for a quick passage through the instability. It is here until there is a cleansing. New global alignments.

Definitely worth a read

Anne, who from time to time comments on this site sent me a link to an article this morning.

The last three sentences being:

It’s ironic that Elon Musk, the man who has been talking about getting us to Mars should be Putin’s messenger for the war in Ukraine, when we’re having a really hard time getting our act together on this planet. But it’s glaringly obvious to ordinary people that we need to do so. Time is not on our side.

It is a very perceptive interview with Fiona Hill, a former adviser to former president Trump… surprise, surprise that I have seldom quoted from those quarters. In the interview she explains also how Putin is using certain people whose egos he can flatter to convey his messages, saying that this was something she experienced while linked to the White House and how she is convinced this is continuing to happen.

She also speaks of a global change of world order – a before and an after. Maybe co-incidentally but for the past couple of years I have spoken of ‘my next 20 years’ being my focus (not so young by then, and I also know that I only have today, being the common theme in Scripture to focus on, so trying to live with that implicit conflict). A few days ago I was privileged to listen to someone make a statement that resonated strongly that we see seasons so differently to someone of African origin. A season has to be over soon, for us. However they pointed out that seasons can be 40 days, 40 years, 400 years! Then they spoke of – and I sat up and listened – that the season we are in being one of 20 years duration. That so witnesses with my spirit.

Anyway… the read is good and informative.

Remembering who you are

I am about to go on a Zoom to learn a little bit about politics, and do I need to learn a lot – no comment please!! Last night I was also on a Zoom. I was blown away. A woman from Nigeria who resides in the UK gave us (I exaggerate not) a thousand nuggets of wisdom. One day when I finally grow up I will have 2% of her insights. Until then…

There are so many aspects I could pick up on but the one that is simply reverberating in my mind and spirit still some 24 hours later went something like this.

We all need a place / a land where we remember who we are.

I might be misquoting it slightly, but I understood the issue of place / land can also be expanded into a relational context. How easy to forget who I am. Paul hits how we see others – we now see who they are in new creation realities. But maybe when we quote Paul we should start with we see no-one according to the flesh (societal / parental / gender / class etc. categories) we should quote it with a mirror in hand.

I had a Zoom call with Roger Mitchell today and reflected on the quote. He responded with – and the opposite is true. We can find places / situations / contexts where we forget who we are.

Israel had three main feasts. Get yourself there if at all possible. The feasts were to remind Israel of who they were, where they had come from, what shaped them and where they were headed. (And of course I see the Synagogue routine as a major step back from that.) They had to visit a place / an appointed time when they remembered who they were. Three times a year was enough to keep them focused.

For some of us home might be that place. For some of us home might be the very place where we forget who we are.

Who are you? Identity, not defined by anything external. Shaped of course by the negatives as well as the positives we have experienced. But deeper than that. This is who I am.

Find the place, the context, get there as often as you need to in order to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

Rosie, thank you. I was, and I am sure the others on the call were, deeply impacted.

A change, how much of a change?

How much has changed with the passing of the Queen? The honour that has been forthcoming is more than an expression of sentimentality but seems to come from the awareness of her life of service. For many reasons I am not of a royalist persuasion (and theologically believe God chose David, ‘a man after his own heart’, to end kingship… not prolong it… another post one day), but as we live in a world in which all forms of government and hierarchies are present this is not the most pressing element in my small life!

Something though has changed, beyond that of the death of a monarch. It seems significant that we have moved from male Prime Minister, who was prophesied to carry a Churchill anointing, to a female PM, who at some level is embodying what Maggie Thatcher carried; conversely we move from a female head of state to a male head of state. Signs of the pressing nature of how we respond to issues male and female / maculine and feminine.

[At one level I am troubled by prophetic words that proclaim (e.g.) ‘this new leader will carry the anointing xxx of and restore Britain to her glory…’ Troubled because they seem to be based in a belief that the future is all down to who is present in No. 10 (or the equivalent). Seems so opposite to Scripture – Luke 3, the entire thrust of Revelation (esp. ch. 5), Jesus’ words that it was the Father’s good pleasure to give the kingdom to a bunch of nobodies… etc. At another level I think there is often some revelation in the words, but the expectation that is added is skewed. I do think we had a ‘Churchill’ in No 10. Great news is he did not last very long! The expectation of restoration of ‘Great’ into ‘Britain’ was not fulfilled… and now we have a season of female strength. I believe in leadership, the issue is not leadership it is the style, and maybe a style is appropriate at one time (war – Churchill… maybe!) that is not appropriate at another. And when the season changes what has been and is desired, and desired by believers in particular, has to manifest to be finally emptied out.]

In a time of significant change there is an old ‘covering’ that is removed. Hence I do anticipate these next 7 months will open up the land to confusion, chaos and a number of backlashes.

An aside: Defender of the faith? Or…

The history of the term was that it was given to Henry VIII by the then pope (Leo X), before he abandoned the Catholic expression of faith. A tad ironic as Henry took the title with him and was no longer there to defend the Catholic faith, his marital status influencing which expression of faith he would defend. However, my objection goes a little deeper than that. The only defence for a monarch having the title can be rooted in a ‘I vote for Christendom’ perspective. So count me out on that one. I have no doubt the Queen had personal faith, and in line with Paul we should ‘wish that all (royalty and rulers) present were as he was’ (i.e. with faith in Jesus), but their task is not to ‘defend the faith’! We are to give a defence, an explanation, a witness to faith, but any legislation or force that defends the faith? No, not in my books.

If there is a title, defender of faiths, would be something I would be more comfortable with; but probably defender of freedom, of justice, of human kindness – all of that would sit better. So without disparaging the title-giving former pope, I hope there will be some shift on these issues.

Royalists (I hear there are some Christians who are in favour) and non-royalists alike, we simply need to be ready to be re-focused. Some titles might go, some will stay, but all of it is not nearly as central to how I live. I can raise my placard (what placard and in Spain!!!) and if I feel strongly enough there is public space for that, but if my objection to royalty is an objection to hierarchy, elitism and the like I should not raise any placard, not until I have dealt with the issues of the heart. If it is a time for something fresh to come forth regarding male and female, that has direct implications for me in my household.

The Gospel – all about changing the world, how can it not be when the claim is that the Imperial powers had stolen the very word? The Gospel – all about the micro of my responses.

There are some ‘tough’ election results being counted in Sweden and whatever the outcome the far-right xenophobic party with neo-nazi roots will have made major gains. Painful. And very painful to Maria and Bjorn who have stood with, created jobs for, challenged the powers, with regard to those driven from their nations and ended in Sweden (the sentence does not begin to tell the journey). What does it mean for those that they love, those that they have taken into their household / family? That is a very real issue. If the woman who threw in her two coins brought down a most luxurious Temple (a Temple that occupied around 25% of Jerusalem, that was spoken of in Rome as a building that just has to be seen), then I know that Bjorn and Maria have continually put 2 coins into the system that ‘robs widows of their houses’. The election is painful. Faithfulness is what catches the eye of God. (Even the disciples were focused on the incredible building – has nothing changed? Jesus meanwhile saw the widow.)

There are huge changes I believe that are here. They will unfold.

Now… the masculine and feminine

Imperial –> Colonialism

In the early 2000’s in the European context the whole understanding of Imperial power and the need to do something about the historic Roman expression of it became clear. This understanding seemed to come to a number of people independently in the same season. A significant response to this was when Steve Lowton (one of my heroes) put literal legs to this with a team and they walked from Whitby (England), the place where in 664 the Synod brought the Celtic expression of church under the Roman authority, to Rome. Steve and team arrived in Rome on December 21st, 2005. Arriving on the shortest day of the year to prophetically state that across Europe the spiritual days would then begin to grow, the dark hours receding. This was the legs to what many of us had heard, ‘It is time to roll up the Roman road’. (Since then I have understood how reversals were signposted that day.)

In a nutshell Imperial power can be summed up as being present,

where there are a few who are at the top who decide the future, they offer to all who will comply benefits, but the real benefits flow back to the centre and to the top. (We could add as it develops that a claim to divine empowerment is often added.)

The critique of Revelation is clear on this modus operandi of Imperialism. 28 times the Lamb is mentioned, slain from the foundation of the world, with the 28 being a four times factor of that repetitve number in Revelation, the number 7. Slain for the world / creation (4) and the fullness (7) of life poured out. Everything given for universal benefit. A flow for the world, not a pulling of the world to a compressed centre. In contrast John watches the ships from his viewpoint on Patmos on the way to Rome (the centre) with all the cargoes headed that way, taken from the edges of the empire to the centre; and as he lists the cargoes he mentions 28 different items, including human lives. The contrast is explicit. A human life for the world. Life outpoured. Life to the edges so that there is no temple any more… Or, lives taken and brought captive to the centre. One throne of power that controls; the other from which, through self-sacrifice comes the unlocking of human destiny.

That Imperial spirit has run amok down the centuries, continues today at the macro level (with each manifestation eating the previous one, hence China had to move to a form of capitalism in order to eat the current order… that meal is continuing), and at the micro level with the power plays that enter human relationships.

Indigineous peoples

The restoration of indigineous first nations’ people is part of what has and is taking place, and there can be no rest in the land until there is some measure of movement in that. Colonialism has to be reversed.

In a call yesterday, I suggested that if colonialism and the big brother, Imperialism, is to be reversed that it will provoke and lead to a journey behind that. Nations, divisions and hence conquest and changing of boundaries stem from Genesis 10 / 11 so we have to go earlier in that first book and come to origins, the corporate element of humanity in the image of God – male and female. Masculinity and femininity (not simply the same as male and female), how men and women relate together, is a journey that is becoming centre-focus.

A few asides…

The push for the restoration of men can be understood as a move in the right direction, but if it is to bring them to express themselves in a macho fashion we are only compounding the issue. The restoration of women also is needed… indeed what we need is the restoration of humanity. I do not see defined, prescribed roles for male / female, and in the mammoth book ‘Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood’ apart from the (listen, dear reader, these posts are ‘perspectives’… although tempted to put a sub heading there ‘also known as the truth’!!!!!!) bizarre comments such as a man driving a bus and a woman will do it differently, one exercising leadership… really!! Yes, unconvicing, but what was really unconvincing was that I could not find one reference or discussion to new humanity in Christ where there is no ‘male and female’. Humanity in creation was ‘male and female’ – which can also be understood as a merism, a spectrum; but in new creation that is not how we are defined. Not surprising if we no longer categorise people according to the flesh. (Sexual attraction and appropriateness continues, wisdom is to be exercised, but NOT male is this and female is that!)

A focus, as is present in many places (and I understand the ‘biblical’ concerns) over same-sex and / or transgender issues I cannot see as central. That is a level so far different to the fundamental one that I see coming central stage – that of masculinity and femininity. When there is a shaking we can leap on to something that we think is the issue and miss the deeper issue.

Perhaps Paul in 1 Cor. 11 is writing at diverse levels which seems his way, particularly when he is quoting others. (I am referring to the Scripture on ‘headcovering’.) It is difficult to wade through with the ancient style of quoting an opponent and then refuting it. Are the statements reflections of what he believes, or are they statements that he is refuting. I consider that perhaps (probably) Paul is making a bit of a feminist comment regarding new humanity when he says:

For just as woman [Eve] came from man [Adam: creation], so man [Jesus] comes through woman [new humanity]; but all things come from God.

(My additions in brackets, suggesting Paul playing with another level of understanding).

I think he is probably humorously throwing out… ‘be careful for if you push this along the lines you want to I will push for a feminised new humanity! You want to argue that maleness defines us and roles, well Jesus was born through a woman without the aid of a man so I suggest you back down with your argument.’

A growing focus

If we are seeing a reversal of Imperialism, if colonialism is being repented off (and that starts with a ‘re-thinking’) we now should expect a huge focus to come in to the frame.

Many weeks ago just as the game began to see who would replace Boris as PM in the UK as I got set in the morning I heard ‘it will be a woman’. Within hours we were on a Zoom call to Singapore. A pastor there said ‘it will be the person running third and a woman.’ As the contenders were subsequently whittled down, Liz Truss was in third position. She is now the PM. (I do have my biases, I try not to be left or right in my public statements but of course am biased) Boris was prophesied as being a new Churchill, Liz Truss who might be wonderful person, and certainly will have qualities that I don’t have, is a new Maggie. Those expressions of the masculine and the feminine have to be brought to the surface. They are part of history, but not part of the future. And, for me on the pulling down of statues (woke), it is not so much about destroying history as declaring what future do we want. (OK a bias crept out there.)

[Just after I finished writing this post the news came through of the Queen’s passing… I am not a royalist, but honour her life of dedicated service. We have a changing of the guards, and a shift in monarchy of female to male, with one of the last tasks she performed was to verify the shift at government level from male to female with the appointment of Liz Truss. We also have just entered a phase where some kind of covering has been removed from the UK. Visible confusion and conflict will be part of this next phase.]

Many moons ago, mid 80s, I declared in Stockholm that ‘Communism was over and that the Lord was now showing us that Islam was to be the next field’. I have come to understand that something being over does not mean it has disappeared without a trace… in the same way Imperialism and colonialism have not disappeared without trace, but they are over. The next field is the male / female the masculine / feminine.

I don’t know what that means, but for sure when the heavens shake, the prophets hear, but normally the first words spoken are childish words. Don’t listen too closely, let the speech develop. The prophets might shout ‘wrecking ball’ over someone… but the sentence is incomplete. Wrecking what and where will take time to understand. Thus we also need to wait and see what the developed sentences have to say.