Explorations in Theology

The books / booklets I have written are both a reflection of my personal convictions and also at times they contain material that is a little experimental. They are available as hardback or as an eBook that should be readable on most if not all readers. tablets / phones / desktops.

To order (esp. UK): https://www.bozpublications.com/humanising-the-divine.

Costs and obtaining the books

Setting costs are never easy and as I am trying to negotiate the challenging path between the commercial and real costs while not wishing to make money the basis on which someone can access material. The hardback has an actual ongoing cost in producing (POD), hence I have set a firm price on that. If purchasing the hardback an ebook sent free will also be an option.

There are three ways in which to engage with the content of the books

  • The simplest is to buy and read them. They are not big enough to use as door stops so I suspect they are better read!
  • The second way to engage would be to access the forum or set of podcasts to supplement each chapter:
  • The third way would be to join a Zoom group where we will discuss a chapter per week, so each book would consist of 6-8 zoom meetings for about an hour per time:
    (Form further down the page).

Who are they for?

If one is of a firm conviction (welcome to the club!) but aligns oneself to a more Reformed position (Gospel Coalition?) then there probably is no real value in pursuing dialogue over the books. By all means buy, review and post exposing all my errors. You are totally free to do so. (My beliefs are not worth defending, as Jesus is central to our faith not a set of beliefs…)

I am also not looking for engagement simply with those who will agree with me. My hope in writing them is I could show that an authentic approach to the Bible, belief and faith is not a narrow pathway, but we can be faithful to Scripture and explore. I also hope that the writings will enable readers to disagree and become convinced of their own beliefs.

Those who engage on Zoom calls will not be required to sign a statement of faith! They do not need to be already persuaded of my convictions, nor is that the goal of the process. Sympathetic, willing to step out of the restrictions of a more ‘hard-line’ evangelicalism will be more than enough… and a willingness to listen to others, and be as open as one is comfortable to be.

Costs for the Zoom groups

I have been very influenced by my friends at Authentic Business as to how to approach the monetary aspect. I genuinely do not want any cost to be a barrier, so here is the approach I am choosing.

I am suggesting that to join a zoom group you consider that 50.00€ is a reasonably fair rate. If this is not possible then maybe consider trying to make a contribution in parts over a period of months. If you are unable to make a contribution then that is totally OK too.

To join a Zoom group

You will need a copy of the book (hardback or eBook) that will be in use for the Zoom group; you will need to read the appropriate chapter we will be discussing before the pertinent zoom meeting; preferably also to have read the short article on the forum relating to that chapter.

The forum is not for the intellectuals! It is open for all to read, but only those who have been on a zoom call will be able to contribute their own posts, replies to others.

Use the form below to request to join a group:

Join A Zoom Group
Join A Zoom Group

Accessing the eBook on reader / tablet / phone

There are instructions on the Boz Website which I replicate here. I have decided not to put the eBook on the Amazon site (should be no surprises there for anyone who has read posts from this site!). Hence the instruction for the Kindle compatible version is a little more complex.

Kindle version
Instructions to add HUMANISING to your Kindle.

  • Go to your Kindle Personal Documents Settings page.
  • Under Approved Personal Document E-mail List, add your email address.
  • Under Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings, find and record your Kindle’s email address. This address should end in @kindle.com.
  • Attach the .mobiebook file to an email, send it to your Kindle’s email address.
  • HUMANISING should appear in your Kindle library.

e-Pub version.
Compatible with all e-book readers.
Instructions to add HUMANISING to the majority of digital tablets and mobile devices.

  • Locate the saved .epub file.
  • Open via preferred reading app.
  • HUMANISING should appear in your library.
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