I am adding a few podcasts that are intended to sit alongside the ‘Explorations’ series of books. I will post them at:


I currently have four there and the first two are a kind of introduction to the books with a focus on volume 1.

I won’t post them all here but here is the first one – they are only 10 minutes long so not too arduous.

In this podcast (and the subsequent one) I give a few aspects with regard to the overall flow of the books, focusing on Humanising the Divine. Why start with the focus on humanity? One of the reasons being that no theology appears water-tight!! The bigger aspect though is that Jesus, as human is key to our knowledge of who God is, and that God has a high view of humanity.

I had a call recently to a very honest guy who is involved with a Bible College, had to laugh. He is the opposite of me on virtually every point. (I never was a fan of the acronym TULIP – indeed that took some effort to type those letters!) However, no theology is water-tight. Even mine probably leaks… just a little.