More on the ‘r’ word

This is the second chat with Michele on ‘revival’. Enjoy!!

If I get time I will try and put a post up in the next few days reflecting on the ‘r’ word from these videos. If I get time? We have just moved back to Madrid… after almost a year and half not being here. Time pressure is not a time pressure. Love to walk the city and to pray so that for the next few weeks is the time focus.

2 thoughts on “More on the ‘r’ word

  1. Thanks, I enjoyed listening to this conversation, some nuggets to ponder… knowing Him….
    ‘we can be in His presence and miss who He is’!

  2. I really resonate with this. I cannot see how this generation will be reached with current expressions of church or evangelism that went on in past. There is a desperate need for Jesus among the young but we have to reach out without judgement in love as you both said. I can offer love and compassion alone as things stand. I pray about the ‘how’ and have no clear answer but pray that a generation or individuals will be raised up who will walk with broken in the world being salt, light, comfort, love without any condemnation because it’s pretty dark out there and it breaks my heart to see the loneliness and emptiness many people live in! Yes it’s about meeting them where they are not the other way round!

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