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Just a few thoughts

We have a lot going on, not least of which is seeking to avoid too much sun, for at 34+° each day with a heat wave to come (so what was the last 10 days?)… anyway as an outside observer to the UK here are a few thoughts.

Churchill has reluctantly gone, and might try to re-appear (Boris as ‘Churchill’); we are about to get a reincarnation of a former Prime Minister, the one ‘who was not for turning’. (I have been convinced for some time that the next was going to be a woman.) The England football team have won the Euros with the help of a certain Dutch woman: Sarina Wiegman. As one smart person responded to the suggestion that she become the next English men’s coach – why would she want to do that and take a step down? (And on the game, apologies to our European German family – I think that was a hand ball not given…) But my comments this day are not about football so moving on.

I am thankfully not a politician and of course it is very easy to criticise from an armchair, so my comments are not personal to those involved, simply noting that they seem to act as signs. So much hope / hype from certain Christians about Churchill back in the person of Boris; and I am sure that our next will act (hopefully a little tempered) Maggie-esque. Male commentators will come along saying ‘I have always supported the women’s game’, thus getting in on the act…

It all illustrates the issue we are currently seeing in many places, the battle for true humanity, with a true balancing of the masculine and feminine; without it toxic-masculinity and also toxic-femininity manifest.

I have a chapter in one of the books I wrote about the ‘new creation’ being feminine. Or at least I went on to qualify that statement that it will appear ‘feminine’ as it is in contrast to the patriarchial one that is around us (a fallen creation). One of the Scriptures that I hold as central is the transformation that takes place for those who are in Christ:

From now on, therefore, we regard no one from a human point of view; even though we once knew Christ from a human point of view, we know him no longer in that way. So if anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation: everything old has passed away; see, everything has become new! (2 Cor. 5:16,17).

A new creation is our context, and that affects sight. Old categories prove inadequate, with ‘a human point of view’ falling away. Indeed Paul uses stronger language – has passed away… everything becoming new.

Looking in from the outside there are signs in the UK around the masculine / feminine. Paul looking in on that one-world-government anti-Christ system challenged them – and challenges us – with regard to our sight.

Sometimes something (someone) inadequate holds space, but there has to come a time when that space is filled. Perhaps the creaks and groans will give way to substance. It is a time (when was it not?) for imagination, for a way of seeing that registers a new reality though it remains invisible if one holds to a human point of view. Imagined, responded to with repositioning, so that it truly rises.

‘From now on…’ That is a time reference if ever there was one.

4 thoughts on “Just a few thoughts

  1. I’ve already seen a rise in posts from some theologians blaming all current societal problems on the fact that we are no longer esteeming the male models of heroism,Ernest Shackleton was named though no mention of his male failings, and fear of changing the so called God given order . This desire for gender stereotypes is a worrying trend ,from my perspective , and we may see more as a reaction to trending gender fluidity.

    1. Thanks Jacky… I am with you on that. I think there might be something right about honouring ‘heroism’, but it is often placed inside a container of ‘maleness’ or even much worse that of ‘the myth of redemptive violence’. We live in the midst of fallenness so we don’t have to look for perfection… Jesus was certainly a ‘hero’ for many, but perhaps not totally understood. Submitting to the powers, washing feet??
      I am aware of a push back from some quarters (Peterson) against what is perceived as ‘feminisation’. I consider it misses the mark, and in any and all movements we should expect a mixture.

  2. So what is actually wrong with feminisation? How does it destroy society? Why is a move that direction a problem? What ceases to work? What problems don’t get solved?
    I don’t understand why folks get so fussed and there are so many who are fussed. What has patriarchy got us? Well, tons of oppression (pain and death) for women, children, minorities, slaves and men low on the hierarchy scale. What else? Oh yea, a totally destroyed environment. A planet pushed to its limits, crossing parameters daily and threatening our survival as a species. Along with many other species. Does an iphone compensate for extinction? Does central heating? Does car travel? Or any other comfort and convenience we like? Would feminisation have meant joyless, comfortless, low achievement lives? Or would it mean a greater chance at species survival? Who knows. It would be nice to find out.
    I think the folks who get so upset at women in general, women empowered in particular, need to give us a good set of reasons for their opposition. How will empowering oppressed people further destroy our planet and increase our chances of extinction. Please explain.
    If patriarchy caused the problems and cannot solve them, then we need to move on. The answer is not right wing, fascism, pseudo Christian or otherwise. That is just extreme patriarchy. Time to try another option.
    Keep pushing Martin, we all must.

  3. I think it is interesting that during the women’s match I felt the favour on them but also a lack of completion if you know what I mean. I felt if the men’s game could be redeemed and have the same ‘atmosphere’ for want of a better word, then they too could finally break the cycle of endless failures and eleventh hour disappointments (thinking of penalty shoot outs etc.)! I feel that maybe the women are forerunners for the restoration of true maleness and breakthrough there at this time in the U.K. and elsewhere too! Not just for football but in all areas of life then we might see the tragic male suicide rates decline etc. Hope for men and women for all humankind is what the gospel is about and the shift and rise of true feminisation will also restore masculinity and it’s positive and necessary attributes if it is conducted in a redemptive way. One new man/woman/person! Sorry to go on about football but just sensed stuff going on during the final that your post provoked me to share and ponder on so thank you!

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