One more ask!!!

This is more or less a repeat of the post I put out enticing anyone who wishes to to part with some dosh to help get some Brazilians across to the UK in January to be exposed further to the work of Authentic Business / Lives. This is a next step for them so that AL & AB can be expanded in Brazil… (If you wish more details please drop me an email.)

Gayle is going to be part of the next Ignite training conference in January in Ashburnham Place. We (Gayle and I) want to help some Brazilians that she has been working with for a while to get across to the conference, and also to have some extra time to dialogue. They are people that we know / have known for years. They are not ‘monied’, Brazil’s economy is not similar to the UK, so money is a challenge. We would love for them (how many depends on how much dosh can be available – up to 4 people if possible) to be able to attend. Update: I think at present we will be able to get 2 people across… big thank you to those who have contributed… all monies will be used for this, and all contributions are welcomed.

We will be making a contribution so invite anyone else who would like to to join us. (You can also email me – to get any other information you want about this.)

How to give?

We have arranged with David Erasmus and his charity ‘BroadPlace’ so that gifts (UK-wise) can be given into the charity with the additional bonus of Gift Aid being added to the contribution.

If you need to contact David directly: or

So either email me directly or David to get details of the bank account and procedure. David will need your email to send you a GiftAid form and also a procedural Data record permission form.

The Ignite conference – hey think about coming. You will love it, and probably not over your head at all.

To register: