Asbury: reflections

A lot of excitement about what is taking place (and spreading) at Asbury. I have a friend who spent a few days there and came back with a thumbs up response. The centrality of Jesus, the absence of personalities at the centre, the interflow of male and female, ethnicities and of sexual orientation he said was notable.

This morning I read an interesting response to the Asbury revival. It is worth reading in full:

Noting that there was a previous move in 1970 in Asbury at a time when:

At the time, the Civil Rights movement and Sexual Revolution had created so much tension and pressure that white evangelicalism seemed poised to heed its own prophetic arm and embrace real change. What they did instead is have a revival.

Tim Suttle suggests that there are similar cultural background factors in our era, as illustrated in such movements as ‘Black lives Matter’, ‘Me Too’. The article is not cynical but provocative.

I have not been to Asbury, but I guess there is something deeply genuine taking place. There are lives that will be touched for ever, they will live through a dynamic they will never forget, and underneath, behind, above and in front of it all the voice of God will continue to speak calling for an alignment of heaven and earth.