The Churchill spirit

For some Winston C. was a hero who stood up to the nazi spirit, and it is easy to go along with that – even if one espouses non-violent resistance. There are those who have prophetically and conviction-wise seen the entrance of a certain Mr. B as one coming to the scene (I could not use the ‘kingdom’ there) for such a time as this, and he is anointed with the Churchill spirit. Maybe.

Given that the Spirit of Jesus is pure, but the ‘spirit of Martin’, or the ‘spirit of Churchill’ (or ‘anointing of..’) is mixed what if the ‘spirit of Churchill’ is great in a certain situation and setting – such as when there is the advance of nazism which manifests as domination, crushing and eradicating all difference – but in another setting is anything but in the right direction, such as working with neighbours, hearing and appreciating difference?

Ends the thought for the day.

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