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A re-set coming?

I made the mistake this morning of reading an aspect of what is taking place in the midst of this crisis. Tough when you have to look facts in the eye.

I read how the world’s richest person is some $5.5bn richer today than he was at the beginning of the year. We all know his company as being the supplier of books and all good things, while many of his employees will tell stories of their appalling work conditions. He also made a nice ‘generous’ donation into the current crisis. Money is only money but the Scriptures are so strong on their critique of the accumulation of the ‘m’ word.

The Sabbath re-set was in-built to the way of life. Weekly, 7-yearly and 50th year Sabbaths, although not always implemented were set in place to help facilitate a healthy society. Translating that from an ancient agrarian economy to our Western society would indeed be very challenging and shocking. A 50 year jubilee would probably come out as a 2 year cycle. Scripture is ‘stupidly’ radical.

I was glad to read the article though as it leaves me with the ongoing challenge of how do we contribute to change. We are at such a turning point in history (co-inciding with the ‘fourth turning’ in the cycles of four) and being a follower of Jesus holding to a view that our little lives have to point to a new world (and therefore a new world economy) and that how we live is the leverage point for the big picture. Yes, the ‘in’ but not ‘of’ the world scenario.

There are other articles that can be read that are using the ‘re-set’ word, that the next few weeks will hold the key to what kind of world comes through the other side of the crisis (and maybe we should be using the word ‘crises’ as this is not a health crisis alone, and not simply a financial one but something that is bringing to a sharp focus the crises of the past years – immigration, borders, globalisation vs. nationalism, ecological… and something hidden deep within it all a machoistic / misogynist culture that fights against the humanisation of one and all – hence something deeply demonic).

So many things in the balance – maybe the balanced see-saw is here now? My strong suspicion is post-this-crisis (there is a ‘post-‘?) there will be two worlds emerging. A few who make a 5.5bn increase in profits, and a majority who question where true justice is to be found. I maybe cannot make a difference to the 5.5bn group – though one of the strongest words I heard from the Lord a few weeks after moving to Spain was the challenge of learning how to ensure that world changed (a long story…) – I can though make a decision as to my direction. I just hope I am not too compromised.

4 thoughts on “A re-set coming?

  1. Hi, Deut 34v5 Moses the servant of the Lord is dead
    The Lord buried him!
    That time is over!I
    It’s dead and buried
    He is doing a New Thing! Do you perceive it
    Then the Lord said to Joshua! Moses my servant is dead
    Now you and all this people GET READY to cross the Jordan
    Crossing over!!
    Yes indeed a whole new existance, land, future
    Only be strong and very courageous

  2. keep writing – thanks so much we are definitely still on this amazing journey!
    Let s pray people keep listening and slowly moving in the right direction.
    He is definately on your shoulder!
    stay safe we need you both

  3. Thanks Martin, The Uncontrolling love of God at work? Inviting us to build anew, asking us what kind of world do we want/will we choose? Maybe that is a scary thought if we have been waiting for God to come and fix the world- he already did that and is with us. Some personal re-setting occurring I guess and with enforced time to reflect I’m asking what have I gathered that is helpful and not-compromised as you say. A humbling sense of I don’t know what fills the space except that mammon can no longer control the agenda.

  4. A re-set? Desirable. Likely? Not so sure. I wish. This pandemic certainly exposes and rips away even more the facades with which we paper over so much in our world. But as an historian I am skeptical about the ultimate effect on our world. If we continue to work for a better world after this, expect enormous push back. I think of the plague of 1350, the bubonic plague which took out 30 to 50% of Europe. Yes, labour gained some power after that because there were just fewer people to do things. But within a couple of hundred years the elites, both in the church and as feudal lords had gained enormous power. As the population grew back so did elite power. So not so sure.
    I think the impulse in this kind of situation is toward increased govt control in a more authoritarian manner. Depending upon how it goes it is easy to image the military in the streets managing our movements. Has already happened in some places. That kind of power is difficult to step back from. I think it all depends on how long the disruption goes on. If it goes on long enough, deeper changes are perhaps possible. This re-set has been needed for a very long time. The current system has roots that are deep and wide, touches everything in our lives. Much depends upon how long this lasts and if people are ready to challenge the existing order afterwards when we emerge from our hibernation with clean hands and in need of haircuts.

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