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I will prophesy what I want to happen

Well wishing?

I need this to happen in my life, and lo and behold along comes someone who confirms it with a word. That really can and does happen, but when we are not yielded and we connect with someone who prophesies from their own desires we can end up with a toxic situation. Ezekiel covers this when he talks about prophets being enticed to prophesy what we want to hear. God allows it, but then says he will truly give such people (and with a focus on the prophet) a clip round the ear (or as my mother would put it – a cloot aboot the lug).

When Sue was ill with cancer, Sharon Stone came to me and said – now be aware that you will likely receive many words… but mature prophets know that this is a time when little is said but that prayer is the place. Thankfully I did not receive many words, most words that we received are still alive today; one word was ‘Martin in your book (can’t remember which title) there is an error… This is the reason Sue is ill, re-read it prayerfully and then repent, call me and Sue will be healed!’ To say hilarious is an understatement. One error?!!!!! Give me a break. That word had no traction, maybe if they had said ‘320 errors’ I might have had to take notice.

When faced with situations that we want to change we cannot prophesy what we want to happen. The common ones are: marriages, partners, babies being born, health etc. All of these can be prophesied into but not from this is what I want to happen, so I will speak that out.

4 thoughts on “I will prophesy what I want to happen

  1. It constantly shocks me how people have the audacity to prophesy in the way you mentioned when Sue was so ill. It must have been so deeply distressing and unhelpful (and that is an understatement)! That’s partly why I have such an issue with personal prophetic words about personal situations unless very wisely given after great thought and prayer. I don’t like the prophesying on demand thing that goes on with some ministries and I wouldn’t be able to do it and if I did then I wouldn’t trust what I said either. Once I was at a conference where we were required to prophesy over 2 people and I felt so intimidated and just couldn’t come up with anything at the time at all. I can cope with and have greater interest in corporate words concerning nations, institutions better and sometimes have a little more revelation in that domain. My bias perhaps because of my less than great experience!

  2. That shocked me too Joanna! I am so sorry to read that Martin. I can’t imagine.

    I was in such a particular situation once and all around me people were ‘prophesying’ loudly and my tongue was stuck to the roof of my mouth – I couldn’t utter a word. I had no real inclination to speak but I was so thankful to God.

    That doesn’t mean I haven’t made mistakes in this but I have tried to own them when and where…

  3. I actually think God values silence as much or more than words. Too often we miss what we really need to know within our context, with wisdom, knowledge and information coming from a variety of sources, all because we want the noise of a prophetic word. And too frequently it becomes just that. . . noise. Sure, people can speak wise, inspired, in-Spirited words. But presumably a Creator, a Great Spirit is continually speaking through all of life around us. Silence will often serve us much better as we learn to look and listen.

    I think much of the seeking of prophetic words, especially personal ones is really seeking affirmation that God notices me. It tells us that we are special to God, a favored child. And those who are told to provide those words as in the situations detailed in the replies here get the affirmation that God favors them with the ability to give a prophetic word. Everyone is special then and the actual words may not matter much at all, except that we tend to put great weight on them. Pushing this kind of prophetic word approach helps churches deliver a sense of affirmation to members and affirm the church itself as the place to hear God speak.

    Meanwhile, just take a solitary walk, in nature if possible. Allow the mind to drift. Be in the present. Watch what you see, look at life all around. That is the prophetic word to us. Be present to life, affirm it, learn from it and support it.

    1. Ann, your reply to Martin’s blog post resonates with me. There is insight and wisdom in your words. ‘Being present’ knowing God is with you, can bring a sense of his/her speaking into one’s heart. I used to trust that voice more than i do now and I needed that reminder to develop that intimacy and trust once again. Thank you.

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