Explorations in Theology

The series explores a theology that is human friendly! Jesus as the true human shows us who God is, and because of his consideration for us ('who are we, that God should make note of us?') defines who humanity was created to be. The nature of sin is to fall short of the glory of God. The glory of God as revealed in the truly human one - 'we beheld his glory full of grace and truth'. This volume is a foundation for the other volumes. And there are ZOOM groups available...
Volume 2 Significant Other and Volume 3 A Subversive Movement now also available!
El libro electrónico (en Español) también ya está disponible

So go on... you know you want to!!! Order a copy Boz Publications

Putting an end to religious indoctrination

On Sunday 20th November I am co-hosting an international panel on the subject of ‘ending religious indoctrination’. It will be from 7:00pm – 9:00pm UK time. The panel, nor the wider event will be explicitly Christian and is part of the ‘Golden Doors Dialogue’. The event is recorded and can be watched by a limited number live, but then is available in a number of media forums later (all initiated by a remarkably gifted and well-connected person Tahira Amir Sultan Khan).

I can make available as a host a limited number of tickets that would give you access to the panel that I co-host and to any of the other panels. There is a form at the bottom of this page, just go and fill it in if you want a complimentary ticket:


Here are the 10 panels over those days:

  • Creating a World-class Society
  • Freedom of Writing
  • Women Empowerment for a New Future
  • Achieving Equality through Time-Equity
  • Tyranny of Taboos
  • Putting an End to Religious Indoctrination
  • Post-Covid Future for Children
  • Decentralisation of Money & Finance & Eco-Societies
  • Creating Effective Global Tribal Councils
  • Power of Science & Spirituality, the Estranged Siblings
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