Putting an end to religious indoctrination

On Sunday 20th November I am co-hosting an international panel on the subject of ‘ending religious indoctrination’. It will be from 7:00pm – 9:00pm UK time. The panel, nor the wider event will be explicitly Christian and is part of the ‘Golden Doors Dialogue’. The event is recorded and can be watched by a limited number live, but then is available in a number of media forums later (all initiated by a remarkably gifted and well-connected person Tahira Amir Sultan Khan).

I can make available as a host a limited number of tickets that would give you access to the panel that I co-host and to any of the other panels. There is a form at the bottom of this page, just go and fill it in if you want a complimentary ticket:


Here are the 10 panels over those days:

  • Creating a World-class Society
  • Freedom of Writing
  • Women Empowerment for a New Future
  • Achieving Equality through Time-Equity
  • Tyranny of Taboos
  • Putting an End to Religious Indoctrination
  • Post-Covid Future for Children
  • Decentralisation of Money & Finance & Eco-Societies
  • Creating Effective Global Tribal Councils
  • Power of Science & Spirituality, the Estranged Siblings