Needless casualties

Prophets are vulnerable

Over the past few years I have been focused on where those with prophetic calling are dealing with issues of persistent or life threatening sickness. I also know of a number who have passed away. A few weeks back I was on a Zoom with a group of people who carry prophetic anointing and we looked at those issues there. This video is a response from that evening.

I also noted that a few days ago Cindy Jacobs put out a call to pray and fast to protect those who are called as prophets:

There have been many instances of sickness hitting the prophets recently. Therefore, we are calling for a 40-day fast to protect the prophets.

Beyond the scope of this video we could be add that in the current scenario there is a vulnerability that is directed against women and in particular those of a rising generation (maybe another video to be done suggesting that the current collapse – societal, governmental, economic and in particular ecological – is in danger of being filled in a wrong way…). So an even greater awareness of the potential difficulties that can affect health if the person is both female and a prophet.

Needless casualties – maybe later a video on this – I don’t go the whole way with the contents of the book that opens this up, but the theme of ‘needless casualties’ is something we should seek to avoid.

No answers in the video; certainly no attempt to connect with straight lines, but I seek to cover:

  • The foundation of attacks from within the body of Christ is the biggest source of the issues (1 Cor. 11:30 being foundational).
  • Attacks rooted in jealousy.
  • Memory / trauma locked in the body with a 6 month – 2 year incubation period.
  • Life taken from us rather than life being given from us.
  • Getting out of the land of anointing.

9 thoughts on “Needless casualties

  1. Without “derailing” the train here (which should catch our attention since a few TOXIC spills have polluted land lately)…there might be a connection to the un-requited “needless casualties” the prophets have created in the last few years by prophesying a LOT of nonsense based on political bias…

    Frankly I might be one of these casualties, I simply do not care to listen to any of the so called “prophets” (including Cindy) until I see a clear and empathetic repentance for the toxicity they have released from their own train wrecks over Trumps re-election and the political mess they have helped create for the sake of power.

    Without acknowledging that, you can’t just move on from that level of “wrong” without moving the goalposts completely off the field…I’m not sure we’re even on the same team anymore…am I a casualty?

    I doubt it…I do not feel wronged, just saddened by the lack of empathy to “people of a lesser means” who make up the majority of the body in question…those folks out of the spotlight who are hoping for some serious guidance, some hope, some sense of journey towards the City on a hill who have been told to support the “invested” power of the Lion (who is actually a lamb) that see’s everything as warfare.

    “Discerning the body”…that’s a loaded hermeneutic…especially when the context seem to imply that the ones not discerning were ignoring the needs of the poor, the stranger, the alien (illegal or otherwise)…

    I make no connection here…it’s not my place…but somebody needs to.

    1. Some trains need de-railing, or at least the points need to be changed so that the direction is altered. THANKS for the comments, the discernment and willingness to share it here.
      I certainly have no push back on what you say, and would view you as one of those who are on the receiving end of pressure that should never come – if only we came down to level of ‘sisters / brothers’ at the foundational level of the cross. Hierarchies, titles, ‘I am above…’ causes all sorts of issues – as on the video 1 Cor. 11 for me is foundational in this… And ‘discerning the body’ seems to be levelled at those who perpetuated one aspect of superiority in Corinth – that of class.
      A genuine thanks.

  2. Particularly on the issue of women. . . today is International Women’s Day. As a friend in Italy used to point out to me, women get one day a year and men get the other 364. Time to turn that around.

    And time to turn off the trolling, doxxing, hate messages, stalking, rape, femicide, and other forms of violence against women overall but especially against women who challenge the status quo.

    Let’s turn on real, supportive community for all.

  3. And further in the spirit of the day. . . I watched a video from the protests in Georgia tonight. There a woman defied water cannons to wave her flag. And the men rallied around to support her, literally, physically support her as she continued determined to defy the regime in power. Yes! This woman is protesting new legislation that would hand a huge amount of power over to an already kleptocratic government.
    Maybe an issue for us is to define what it means to be prophetic. Is it a word or an action or both? Is it an individual or a community? All of the above? Something else? How do we know when we are watching prophetic actions that we can support?
    The Charismatic movement has had a particular approach to the prophetic. I wonder if that approach is outdated and the current context requires something else.

  4. What you’ve said really resonates in my spirit! This happened to me 13 years ago when I had a stroke at a time I was involved in a lot of ministry and prophetic intercession seeing breakthroughs too. I think I became a target of jealousy by some people in my church and maybe left my area of anointing at times. I’m not sure but I am now chronically sick and it was at a time of my greatest effectiveness as a Christian that this happened . I perhaps still have my prophetic gift to some extent and can intercede and minister to others occasionally but it is severely limited because of my health. I would urge others to take heed to what you are saying. It really makes sense.

  5. I’m not suggesting I was ever a Prophet like you and others but had/have some level of prophetic gift. This happened to me and it’s hard to make sense of it except in the way you explain it in the video! So thank you Martin

    1. Never any need to apoligise. I know you Joanna and there is no doubt that there was an attack against you at that time. I am wondering about a second video on ‘so what do I do now?’ in response.

  6. I think a ‘what do I do now’ follow up would be very useful having suffered from jealousy and other attacks for a long time. Looking forward to it.

  7. Yes that sounds great Martin, I agree with Anne. Would be so interested in your thoughts on ‘what do I do now’, mostly I have no idea?.

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