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Come on you just love to read what I write, so I have uploaded a new ‘extended article’ just for you!!!

They can all be found at this page:

This one is ‘Volume 3’. They are very much in line with the ‘Explorations’ series of books. This one is on Scripture where I advocate that we need a two-fold but intrinsically related approach of a historical and narratival perspective and understanding. I am not suggesting that this is at any level original to myself – others have pioneered such and similar approaches.

I do not go down a line of ‘inerrancy’ but am more than happy with the term ‘truth’ or ‘trustworthiness’. Exile – very much within Scripture and the Jewish Wars of 66-70 (beyond Scripture but signalled as forthcoming) are two major events.

Either go the page I outline above or click on the link below to open (and then you can download) the pdf version (there is also an epub version at the above page).

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