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Set in sight

Its me again, I get the green font which I do love. Green is life!

I’m not a stickler for traditions (!) And I know it’s traditional to reflect back on a year and tease out a word for the new one however, just this once, I’m feeling like conforming! So, to stick to a tradition, I’d like to mark time.

2020 vision. We definitely have seen a lot this year. We’ve had to look closely at ourselves, what we’re doing and how, who matters and what really motivates us. We’ve looked at our priorities and as society we’ve realised that our nurses and doctors and shop workers are far more important than the billionaires and the stock brokers. Our football heroes were idle and useless and the nameless were acknowledged (hopefully not fleetingly) for their real value.

In the last days of this sight-filled year I think we need to cast our eyes far forward. As though on a mountaintop, we have a moment now to look forward and to reset our direction. A moment to spy destination and to set the compass with a long term goal, think 10 years. The smallest of reset now, the slightest change of position, in ten years will place us in a very different place. I’m talking personally but I think the same moment is there for bodies of people, organisations and businesses where there is a niggling feeling that the traditional way forward won’t cut it.

2021 I think, won’t be so clear, down off the mountaintop and into the clouds below and the valleys but I think with direction set and with courage, we will find ourselves stumbling a bit, but making progress towards that new destination, finding new companions on the way, some unexpected delights and a whole lot of joy.

7 thoughts on “Set in sight

  1. Thanks Gayle in green font!! Have been thinking that once the compass direction is set, trusting the way the arrow points is what is required. Trust, despite what appears on the landscape, be it mountains, rivers or a loss of sight maybe low cloud or mist.
    Pauses yes but always holding through to the reset direction set.

    Always helpful to have companions, so here’s to helping each other stay true to the direction, even if we need to navigate some difficult terrain along the way!

    1. You bet Ro!! Good companions essential and keep the journey light and fun! Get those walking boots on and let’s go….! Gayle x

  2. Thank you for such a hopeful vision for coming year and beyond. At the moment things seem bleak so to have hope is hard yet vital. Also I really agree that this last year has shown up the people who really are the most important in serving society.

  3. Thanks Gayle! All encouragement so welcome at this point. It seems facile to wish anyone a happy new year in the midst of the huge COVID second wave with real actual Brexit happening tonight. BUT – surely this extraordinary past year has pruned us all back and honed us down so that we know what’s important – in society yes, and in our own lives. Setting direction is so important and appropriate, defining our calling and goals for the next decade – YES! Obviously the journey is unknown, but the Spirit is setting the compass for each of us – certainly for me. Thank you so much journey-woman, it’s such a relief not to be alone!
    Sally Ann in Les-tah Xx

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