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‘Seven mountains’

I am enclosing a link to a recent post that a friend of Gayle and I put up. If the language of ‘Seven Mountains of Influence’ doesn’t mean anything it is still worth a read, for the language and theology is gaining much traction. I write about it in the preface of the book that is due out next week. I have wondered if it is just language and if the language can be used without the underlying theology of domination. I know people who use the language and are far greater servants that I am… but ultimately I am not convinced the language is redeemable. And Michele makes this clear – ‘words create worlds’.

Michele has her convictions as I have mine. Even if you do not share ours I do suggest a read of her post will be highly insightful. [I would certainly consider that the underlying theology has had a big part to play in the all-but unbelievable activities in the USA these past years… and writing as a European, I am very aware that we can think we have a window on the USA… it is not a window it is a mirror.]

Michele Perry was our first visitor to Cádiz. We had boxes still to unpack and she arrived in our first week there. She stayed for a week or so and we have stayed in touch since then. She is a remarkable and a courageous woman in the extreme. It took 5 flights to get to us, travelling with a suspected form of malaria. She was a pioneer missionary in a war torn land (including AK47’s pulled on her). I could multiply comments about who she is. I am certainly humbled to connect in a small way and observe her authenticity. (Her wider blog is worth following.)

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5 thoughts on “‘Seven mountains’

  1. Thanks. Bang on post by your friend. As I recall those who look with hope to the Kingdom look to a place where mountains are leveled. Yes? Building/scaling/owning them would then be an unproductive activity. A waste of time. At my age, I am very aware of how limited my time here is. I don’t want to waste any of it.

    While history has many examples the recent events in the USA should make us terribly aware of the horrors of an imperial-minded church. It never ends well. 7M theology was always simply a form of imperialism, colonialism, and white supremacy. Nothing else. It was packaged and sold as a way to fulfill a mandate to evangelize (we could certainly explore the ‘mandate’) and to build the Kingdom of God. A form of Calvinism I guess really. Seemingly no connection to Jesus and his intentions. Too bad so many bought the package and acted on it. Some are sitting in Congress in the USA right now.

    1. Ann – absolutely so. It is certainly rooted in Calvinism – with Abraham Kuyper, prime minister of Netherlands many decades ago (century + ago?). It seems though he was more sympathetic to those of other faiths. When there is a religious mountain that has to be occupied… well that is quite a path!!!!

  2. Martin, I think we need to be careful not to ‘throw the baby out with the bath water’. I agree with the post in that any form of top-down approach or perspective is flawed from a kingdom point of view. However, when we go back to the origins of the terminology in the mid-70s, when YWAM founder Loren Cunningham and CC founder Bill Bright independently received from the Lord how nations are reached and discipled (Dr Francis Schaeffer also had the same list), it wasn’t a top-down, dominion type approach or teaching. At that time, the terminology LC referred to was ‘mind-moulders’ or ‘classrooms of society’ where kingdom influence could be brought across all areas of society. I therefore prefer ‘spheres of influence’ as it emphasises influencing which is in line with how Jesus said the kingdom grows – like yeast that permeates the whole ‘loaf’ of society. The term ‘mountains of culture’ is clearly drawn from the OT prophecies of Isaiah 2 and Micah 4 which does speak of God’s everlasting and unshakeable kingdom, compared to the kingdoms (or empires) of this world which will all come to nothing. God’s kingdom will be seen as chief over the mountains but not through taking control by force or imposing God’s ways on people or nations. He has never worked in this way. The other element that comes into this in the US is the prevalent evangelical position on the state of Israel and the Messiah ruling from a future throne in Jerusalem (which I don’t ascribe to). Extreme applications of revealed truth are often toxic, but we must not lose sight of the key elements necessary in order for nations to be discipled, which is a kingdom vision that much of the Church has lost sight of and needs to be rediscovered.

    1. Stuart – thanks for the informative comment. I was aware of the Cunningham / Bright background and also how Landa Cope has written on this. It is so critical how language is used (of course there is intrinsic meaning but also there is a meaning that is given to it as it is used and heard). With Landa I find her development very helpful, though not following where she is headed so not sure if she uses the ‘mountain’ term. I have also used the ‘gates’ or ‘spheres’ of society. But am not looking for a ‘religious’ mountain nor gate nor sphere!! That one is so problematic and I consider is the very approach that is the well that Islam feeds from! What they resist is what is being nurtured….
      The mountain teaching has with it the top 3% of influence. Luke 3: 1-3 is a direct challenge to that… as is Revelation 5 where the language is clarified by the sight. Lion is heard (and can be quoted with enthusiasm from Scripture) but what was seen is a Lamb.
      It is sad that in all this it seems that there is a perversion now dominating (choice of word!) the landscape and the challenge to be in the world could be sadly lost.
      As you say the US current scene is a challenge.

  3. Martin, you mentioned Landa Cope’s writings. I haven’t read it yet myself but you may find her latest book published in 2015 of interest. The book title is God and Political Justice: A Study of Civil Governance from Genesis to Revelation (Biblical Template). You will find it on Amazon.

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