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The New York Times has an article by Matti Friedman on the Israeli-Palestine conflict.

There Is No ‘Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’

He suggests we have to zoom out to see a different picture, or at least frame the conflict differently.

But because I’m zoomed out, I’m also seeing Hezbollah (not Palestinian), and the Russians and Iranians (not Palestinian), and the Islamic State-affiliated insurgents (not Palestinian) on our border with Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. I’m considering the disastrous result of the power vacuum in Syria, which is a 90-minute drive from the West Bank.

And an aside, nothing to do with the above, we are in Madrid. With salt purchased ready to go to some places that need a good old cleaning up. And yesterday we should have completed all the final payments on the apartment. Successful up to the final point! We turn up at the registry of properties, some 30 minutes in the north of the city, to be informed that there is a document missing from the seller, so that needs to be resolved. If not resolved in 30 days… property registry to our name does not complete… sure that would not be too smart, but we think there will be a resolution.

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  1. It is such a complex issue for sure. In that context it is hard to come down firmly on any side or certainly to give a carte blanche blessing to all that the state of Israel does merely because that is what it calls itself as it is so clearly a flawed. Equally it is hard to give unconditional support the Palestinian cause in light of the different factions operating there. What a quagmire!

  2. Yes a complex issue. The current Iranian regime with its proxies is clearly the main enemy, but still no excuse for house demolitions, child prisoners, shooting dead unarmed protesters. Israel, you can do better that this!

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